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Math Project for 212

Aaliyah Dean

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Math~Graphs

Graphs! Histogram Frequency Table A
table is used
to show how often something occurred. Created By~ A histogram is a bar graph that shows the frequency of data within equal intervals The table list items/numbers and uses tally marks Aaliyah Dean and Victoria Vargas Histogram
Frequency Table First, you gather all your information needed. Second, you tally up all the options and put it into a tally chart. Then, convert the tally's into numbers. Finally, put all the information into a frequency table. *There is no space between the bars First, you set up a frequency table which we have already shown you how to make. Next, choose an appropriate scale and interval for the y axis. *The greatest value should be at least as great as the greatest frequency. Then, draw a bar for each interval. The height of the bar is the frequency for that interval. The histogram shows the ages of people that went to the restaurant on Karaoke Night. Only 4 people that were between the ages of 1-5 went. 30 people that were ages 6-10 went. 26 people that were 11-15 years went. The most popular age category was 16-20 which was 50 people. The last ages were 21-25 and 13 people went. The Ages of People That Went to the Restaurant *Bars must touch but not overlap. Label the axes and give the graph a title. Amount of People The Ages of People Favorite Foods Type of Foods Amount of People
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