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delvecbd delvecbd

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Biomass

How do we use it?
-Biomass can be

to create heat/electricity.

-It can also be
changed into fuel
such as methane gas, ethanol, and biodiesel.
What do we use it for?
-Usually, biomass is burned to create

-Certain materials can be burned to produce steam that is then used in


How does it work?
To create electricity:
The waste sources are burned in a furnace which creates steam to boil water. This steam is then used to rotate a turbine that activates a generator to create electricity.

To create methane gas:

Garbage in a landfill is burned or decomposes and methane gas is released. This gas is collected and used in power plants to create energy.

To create heat:
Materials are burned directly (such as wood used in a fire)

Energy Transformations:
chemical (ethanol) and thermal (combustion).
Effects of Harnessing Biomass
Because wood is a major source of biomass,
deforestation is a major concern

However, because biomass energy is an alternative fuel source, it
reduces the dependance on Earth's resources

The little carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when burning biomass is reabsorbed when new crops and trees are planted, resulting in
little air pollution.

Public Interest
Using biomass energy (most often wood) is especially popular in developing countries, where resources are hard to come by, and making a fire is the easiest way to access heat.
What is Biomass?
-an organic material made from living or recently living organisms
Biomass will always exist because we will always be able to grow trees and crops, and waste is constantly made.
In My Opinion...


abundant and unlimited(will never run out)
efficient and reliable


burning releases co²
collecting enough waste can be difficult
Interesting Facts
The methane gas in cow manure can be used to create energy.

Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel source in the United States.

Biomass has existed ever since man first discovered the use of fire.

Almost 10% of the energy consumed in the U.S comes from garbage
Biomass is a good alternative fuel source. It has more advantages than disadvantages, which makes it relatively reliable.
It's clean, renewable, and efficient, and I think its use will continue to increase in the future.
Bella DelVecchio
Ms. Funsch
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