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Madonna Thunder Hawk: Indigenous Leader

No description

Ingrid Anderson

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Madonna Thunder Hawk: Indigenous Leader

Madonna Thunder Hawk: Indigenous Leader
Personal History
Born to the Swift Bird oyate in South Dakota
Mandated to participate in the relocation program
Started survival schools on her reservation
Occupied Alcatraz with AIM (1969)
Occupied BIA with AIM (1972)- Trail of Broken Treaties
Participated in the Occupation of Wounded Knee (1973)
Founded Women of All Red Nations (1974)
Founded Lakota People's Law Project (2006)

Occupation of Alcatraz
Occupation of BIA Building
Occupation of Wounded Knee (2)
Madonna's work, in her
own words...
Leadership Style
Voice of the people
Voice of experience
Concerned with the future of her people
Emotional intelligence
Transformational Leadership
Thunder Hawk is known for her influence and her results
Thunder Hawk never asked for leadership positions; rather, she was in the right place with the right skills at the right time
Thunder Hawk focused her work on the skills that each person could bring to the table
The work goes on...
Thunder Hawk continues her work on child welfare issues
Thunder Hawk works to pass on the skills and knowledge to the next generation to ensure the continuation of important work
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