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Social Media 101

Learning the basics of Social Media

Nicole Raymondi

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Social Media So Social Media 101 Twitter YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook Social Media How Big is it? Benefits: Relationships
Learning Definition: @SocialMedia can be defined as the online tools and technologies used to create dialogue and foster the transfer of information. #Letsgetstarted Facebook:
search eni in pages or www.facebook.com/enimarketing


Gene Raymondi

Integrated Benefits TV Mini blog/news feed
Information sharing
140 character messages called "Tweets" How is it Useful? Learning, sharing/gathering information
Members followed show up on home page (like facebook news feed)
Customized real time newspaper on the topics/people you're interested in What is it? How to Start: Sign up & create your profile
Who are you what do you love and what makes you interesting to others?
Find and Follow others that interest you
Check your homepage to see what they're sharing
Build Your Voice
Retweet messages you've found from others or reply to them with @reply
Create your own 140 character messages
Mention Others with @username to show recognition or gain attention from those that interest you
Include hashtags in your tweets to categorize their subject matter ex: #Sandy What is it? Biggest social network in the world
Just hit 1 BILLION users in October
More than 7 billion visits a week
All about interacting and making personal connections How is it Useful? How to Start: What is it? How is it Useful? How to Start: What is it? How is it Useful? How to Start: How to Start: How is it Useful? What is it? Connect and keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, on a daily basis
Share your experiences with others via status updates, pictures, and videos
Follow groups/organizations you're interested in - make new friends! Create a profile
Connect with people already on Facebook
Check the news feed to see what everyone's been up to and what's being shared
Create and share content like photos, videos, and status updates Virtual collages or collections of images
Now #3 social media network in the U.S.
80% of users are women Create visual collections (pin boards) of images based on interests, aspirations, event & trip planning, wish lists, recipes etc.
Share and connect with others boards
Learn about new products, ideas, people Join Pinterest (can use an existing Twitter or Facebook account to sign up)
Follow your facebook friends & other accounts you may be interested in
Create boards based on categories like wish list, products I love, home improvement, etc.
Repin others images to your boards or upload pins from internet images you like to build collections Over 175 million members worldwide
Largest social media site dedicated solely to professional networking Create an online resume
Build your credibility and brand through recommendations, skills, experience
Network with other professionals
Job searching
Connect with professional organizations and groups you're interested in Create a profile/online resume with experience, skills, education & interests
Strive for 100% profile completeness
Make connections - see "People You May Know" page, search people by name, import outlook contacts
Join groups and follow companies
Post professional updates & share relevant content with your connections Online "TV" where users upload, watch, & share short video clips
3rd most popular website in the world
Bought by Google Dont need to sign up to watch videos
If you want to comment, save, follow channels & upload your own videos create an account (can use gmail) Entertainment, education, connecting
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