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Prezi Presentation:Medical Health Care Professional

Interview with a Health Care Professional

Wendy Jefferson

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Prezi Presentation:Medical Health Care Professional

1. What health care professoinal did you choose and why?

I chose Patient Access Representative in the Endoscopy, Diabetes, Nutritient and Bone Density Department. I choose this profession because I thought it would be interesting, I new some one working in this position that would give honest answere in the interview. 2. Who did you interview(name of person and company?

The person I interveiwed was Cindy Jefferson(my sister) and she works for Boston Medical Center in Boston, MA. 3. Where does the health care professional that you interviewed work(hospital,rehabilitation facility,ect.) and how long has the interviewee worked in this profession?
Ms. Cindy has workes in an Hospital environment and has worked in that profession for 4 years. 4. Based on the interview is this profession/field that you could see yourself working in?

I could not see myself working in this profession because I would like more of the manager position. But It is good to
hear what the employees of that department have to say. 5. What additional information did you find to be useful?

The other addtional information that I found useful is:
Ms. Cindy works a 40 hours per week.
She starts and end her day between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.
She works in and specialty office setting with three others and reports to a Office Manager or Nurse Manager.
The salary rage for this position is $27,000-$40,000.
Her education and training was and 8 month certificate program through the Medical Office Support YMCA Training Inc. She has also had one day/ 3 hr training on the company time.
She like helping the patients with various needs and it can be challenging when the patients are not feeling well.
She next position is Office Manager.
Interview with Health Care Professional
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