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Empathy Circles

A basic outline of the Empathy Circles and the stages of empathy we work with.

Lidewij Niezink

on 14 February 2015

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Transcript of Empathy Circles

Empathy Circles
Lidewij Niezink, PhD
Self Empathy
Mirrored Empathy
Reflective Empathy
Imaginative Empathy
Empathic Arising
Stepping out of reactivity into intentionality.
Behavioral intentions predict intentional behavior.
I am willing to empathize:
from ultimate (society/ culture)
to specific (in this circle).
Self-Compassion: extremely important for emotion regulation.
Mindfulness / Open awareness
Meta-cognition: the ability to know that we know, to observe that we think.
Empathy evolved through
physical synchronization:
We like others better when they mimic us.
Mirroring increases pro-social orientation.
Mirror Neuron System
Up and running!
Better Emotion Regulation.
Communicates interest and commitment in understanding the other.
Less negative affect
(in conflicts).
Carl Rogers
Cognitive empathy / Theory of Mind (ToM) or Mentalizing
How does she feel?
Other Perspective:
Self Perspective
How would I feel if I was him?
The ability to represent and understand the mental states of others.
Story telling / Role play / Fantasizing
Empathic accuracy
Building resilience?
Mysterious consequence...
Arising in the moment,
A feeling of belonging due to the circle process.
Tapping into motivational system.
signaled by arousal.
Blowing our intention into the world
A Factor for Change

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