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Peer review possibilities

Musings on what Peer review may look like as an evaluative strategy within the QUT Reframe program.

Jill Willis

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Peer review possibilities

Peer review Find a partner Choose a focus Where is the quality?
Where are the gaps?
What next to close the gaps? (Sadler, 1989) informative,
using agreed protocols Peer review of teaching is a collaborative process whereby a colleague observes another's teaching
and provides supportive and constructive feedback. Discussion Observation Feedback Reflection 2 stars
1 wonder http://www.intranet.qut.edu.au/teaching/review-evaluate/reframe/peer-review in faculty?
Cross faculty?
Yammer? Faculty of Education,
QUT 2012 ... small d.beutel@qut.edu.au
jill.willis@qut.edu.au What focus might
you choose? Your turn.. What is your next move? Denise emails: When you said you liked the idea of the youtube videos I used in my assessment in that unit it prompted me to think further. Now I have decided that I will do a youtube video of myself to introduce students to my site and/or do a youtube video about the assessment piece (so in a kind of way modelling what I want students to do). So my point is that it is not necessarily what happens in the peer review itself that is so powerful but what can happen after the process. Dr Jill Willis
Dr Denise Beutel
Faculty of Education,
Queensland University of Technology. From the big picture blueprint or a more personal preference.... We tried using these protocols in the following conversations.

I wonder what feedback you would give us about the quality of our feedback? Done but not over... Formal Informal,
oral written
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