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No description

Cate Heup

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of timeline

Timeline of my life by: Cate Heup 1999 2001 2003 2004 2002 2005 - I was born on December 11th - I turned 2 years old - I turned 3 - I turned 4 -I turned 5 - I turned 6 2000 - Celebrated my first birthday 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 I was baptized December 21st My grandpa Heup died on April 6th - 9/11 happened - My dog Russa died -I turned 7 - I turned 8 - I turned 9 -I turned 10 - I turned 11 2011 - I turned 12 2012 - I turned 13 - We got a new dog named AJ - I switched schools I went from St. Johns Lutheran in Wauwatosa to Our Redeemer -We found a black lab and named him Dude
- Switched schools We went from Our Redeemer to Elm Grove - My Aunt Janine and Aunt Terri got breast cancer 2013 - My dad left for the second time to go to China - My dad left for the first time to go to china - March 13 pope Francis was elected My Family My dad - Jon Ward Heup
My mom - Carol Ann Heup
My sister - Amelia Ann Heup
Me - Catherine Jane heup
My dog - Almondjoy (AJ) My first visit to florida - I started soccer - I played t-ball - Had my first limo ride - Went to the american girl doll store in chicago - Went to Epcot - Amelia was confirmed
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