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Raziya Shakhzada

on 12 March 2015

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History of fashion
What is your style?
How do fashion influence the life of people?
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Fashion is important in some cases. First of all, people that do not follow fashion, are not interested in modern world. Consequently, fashion mirrors the modern society. As e result, fashion is an essential instrument for showing the world who we really are, how beautiful we are both outside and inside, how we can choose stylish clothes from a heap of rags. Finally, it is impossible to say that fashion is not important. It is important anyway because everyone follows fashion. It concerns not only clothes, but the way do some things, the way we behave and so on.
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Express your style or what kind of style do you like it.
What do you think about "fashion is people's nowadays obsession"?
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New facts or information
One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books and TV.
Ray-Ban sunglasses after movie Men in Black
What is fashion?
Fashions and clothing are constantly changing and may differ from country to country, depending on various factors including age, geography and climate. Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture.
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Is fashion people's nowadays obsession?
Ayan's instagram: florence1349
Raziya's instagram: rzyshzdv
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