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St.George Ribbon

No description

Irina Fisenko

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of St.George Ribbon

People! While your hearts are beating - remember!
What price was paid for the happiness, – please, remember!
While you are singing your song, – remember!
About those who will never sing again, – remember!
Tell your children to remember about them!
And tell the children of your children to remember about them too!
(by Robert Rozhdestvensky) What does the St.Ribbon mean?
St. George Ribbon recalls Russian heroism As the 9th of May approaches, many may see it as just another day in the year. However in Russia, it is known as Victory Day, and marks the victory in World War II. It is one of the most important holidays in Russia. In preparation for this holiday, you may start to see a particular orange and black striped ribbon appearing on cars, posters, bags, purses, and even our own correspondents and news anchors. It’s called the Ribbon of St. George,
and today it represents the commemoration of World War II,
as well as being an important reminder of Russia’s heroic past.
The ribbon consists of a bicolor pattern with three black stripes and two orange ones.
It is believed that the colors represent smoke and fire. Today, more than 45 million ribbons are being distributed throughout the world including in Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Britain, the US, and China.
Most people attach the ribbon to clothes, bags, cars, antennas or arms.
The United Nations headquarters in New York has launched Russia’s second annual St. George Ribbon campaign, in which May 8 and 9 have been designated as the Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation. What do people feel wearing St. George Ribbon? “I know for Russians it's a very special day, but it was a victory for the whole world, and I'm wearing this ribbon to show my immense respect to those who made it happen.”
(Noubissi Bukam Herue from Cameroon, who studies in Moscow)

“I wouldn't mind the commercialization of the Saint George ribbon. It has a great history. If the ads help people know their history better, let them use it.”
(Historian Valery Durov , Russia).

“I feel very proud wearing it and I hope designers will pick up the idea and use the stripes in their collections. It looks very nice and meaningful.”
(E. Ivanova, Russian student) We remember the feats of
our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War.
We mourn about those who never returned
from the fields of battle.
We remember the great feat of our country! “The victory of my grandfather is my victory” –
“I remember and I’m proud” Irina Fisenko,
Morozovsk, Rostov Region Resourses:!/yandsearch?source=psearch&uinfo=sw-1263-sh-652-fw-1038-fh-448-pd-!/yandsearch?source=psearch&uinfo=sw-1263-sh-652-fw-1038-fh-448-pd-!/yandsearch?source=psearch&uinfo=sw-1263-sh-652-fw-1038-fh-448-pd-!/yandsearch?source=psearch&uinfo=sw-1263-sh-652-fw-1038-fh-448-pd-!/yandsearch?source=psearch&uinfo=sw-1263-sh-652-fw-1038-fh-448-pd- It is interesting to know that: 1.The St.George ribbons are also handed outside Russia. The expat communities in Great Britain, USA, Mexico, Turkey, Argentine, China, Iceland, South Africa, Greece and Vietnam have joined the campaign too. In addition, the St.George ribbons are distributed at London’s Guild Hall museum, and in Shanghai. 2. During a campaign at the United Nations headquarters in New York, St. George ribbons have been handed to more than 50 veterans who fought for the Soviet Union in World War II.

3 .The annual St. George Ribbon campaign, commemorating heroes of the Eastern Front of WWII, was held at the UN headquarters for the first time last year.
Where can you get St. George Ribbon? You can take a Victory ribbon on streets, at stores, in any Sberbank offices and at many other places. Those who are not able to come and get the ribbon could receive it by post, and also social officers are distributing the ribbons right at veterans’ places. I congratulate you on the oncoming holiday!
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