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Strength Finder

Strength Finder is a reflection of my own personal strengths, in which I, hope to present in an intriguing and fun way.

anthony puariea

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of Strength Finder

Anthony Puariea Empathy
Harmony Learner
Responsible The ability to sense the mood of others which is imperative in anytype of enviroment
and social situation dealing with others
and or collborating with others. In analyzing a situation for a greater grasp, also questioning things I don't understnd or don't believe to be correct Accepting others for who they are
finding a common ground or green zone
coming together to get the mission accomplished. Lifetime student
Always striving to learn new things
Never satisfied always wanting to expand. Owning things I do and say
Living up to the promises I make
Being dependable
Showing that I am capable of handling responsibilities.
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