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Individual Investigation


Rhiannon Boucher

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Individual Investigation

INDIVIDUAL INVESTIGATION Deciding on a topic Deciding on a topic I had a choice of 4 topics.
Child Abuse
Underage Drinking
Eating disorders (in general) After researching all of my topics, I decided on Anorexia.
Initially i thought about doing my project on eating disorders. But the more i researched i found that it was to wide of a topic to write my essay on.
The topic i found most interesting information on using Secondary research was Anorexia. ANOREXIA Research Methods Research Methods Secondary Research So far i have mostly used the internet to research my topic.
Although books are useful, i find the internet more efficiant and easy. As my Hypothesis is based around the aspects of the effect the internet has on people makes it even harder for me to find books with useful information. I have found that Anorexia is a hard topic to find statistics
and true facts on.
there are alot websites such as thinsperation sites made
by people on the internet, this is a good and a bad thing for me because i can see that these websites are influencing people to become anorexic but it is hard to know what is true and what is not. In conclusion to secondary research so far, i have found most of my information on the internet. i then had to chose a Hypohesis to build my essay around.
My hypothesis is:
Is the internet and Social networking sites helping people to become anorexic.
The hypothesis was chosen to compliment my research, and i will compare the hypothesis in both the UK and America. Multiple search criteria Multiple search criteria Non Multiple Search Multiple Search I found the same information when using multiple or non multiple search criteria, so i didn't find this useful. Presentation Presentation Of complete Individual Investigation For my individual investigation,
i have choosen to write and essay i chose to do an essay because
i think you can include more
information rather than on a
powerpoint which i feel is quite
limited Advantage able to go into more depth Disadvantages Time consuming Powerpoint is more
effective to get your
point across by using
pictures etc. Rhiannon Boucher Anorexia Anorexia The following table shows the number
of diagnosed and admitted cases of
anorexia in NHS hospitals, from 1996-97
onwards. These figures represent
individual cases and not the actual number
of patients (some patients will have
had more than one admission)

2005-06 620
2004-05 517
2003-04 532
2002-03 552
2001-02 497
2000-01 469
1999-2000 482
1998-99 465
1997-98 484
1996-97 419 Here are statistics on the number of diagnosed cases of anorexia in the UK.
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