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Cell biology

Maja Milosevic

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Biology

Discovery of cell Cell Theory Robert Hooke (1665.) slices of cork The Cell theory states: All living things or organisms are made of cells and their products New cells are created by old cells dividing into two Cells are the basic building units of life Diversity of cells Cells can be devided into two types... Prokaryotes Eukaryotes cell wall
cell membrane
-ribosomes (bacterias) (peptidoglycan) (circular piece of DNA) Animal cell Plant cell cell membrane
nucleus: -nuclear envelope - nuclear lamina (chromatin,nucleolus) cell wall(celulosis)
cell membrane
nucleus: -nuclear envelope -nuclear lamina (chromatin,nucleolus) cell membrane fluid mosaic model phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins functions:
-gives individuality to a cell
-controls the molecular and ionic cell structure
-membrane transport : passive transport (diffusion and osmosis)
active transport (transmembrane protein channels and transpoters)
endocytosis and exocytosis CELL BIOLOGY Cell compounds CITOPLASM matter between the cell membrane and nucleus
citosol-liquid compound of a cel
organelles Organelles Endoplasmic reticulum a system of membranes
there are two types ER:rough ER and smooth ER
Function:Rough ER- translation and folding a new protein SmoothER - expression of lipids rough ER:covered with ribosomes;has folds that are flat sacs
smooth ER:folds are tubular Golgi apparatus one of the first organelles to be discovered and observed in detail
composed of stacks of membrane-bound structures known as cisternae
function:sorting, packaging, processing and modification of proteins
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