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Adopting Social Media Inside the Enterprise

Twitter has taken off in the public eye, and its equivalents for inside the organization are just starting to take a foothold. There is a need to tie changes back to your organization's strategies. This will be a fast-paced introductory overview of blogs,

Connie Crosby

on 22 July 2011

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Transcript of Adopting Social Media Inside the Enterprise

Adopting Social Media
Inside the Enterprise Introduction Tie back to your organization's strategies Marketing/Communications Human Resources Library/Research Professional Development Knowledge Management communicating from the top down
getting staff on board
keeping a wide-spread sales force on message recruiting
employee on-boarding
employee work satisfaction
retention current awareness
aggregation of resources
shared work/research space connecting with colleagues, experts, mentors
attending seminars in different time, different location
finding support from peers
learning on demand encourages culture of sharing, collaboration
retaining content/knowledge (outside of email)
sharing knowledge for succession purposes Tools & Tactics blogs podcasts video screencasts wikis microblogging social network profiles tagging & folksonomy RSS & Feedreaders Conclusion Social Media
is People! connect
learn Web 2.0
Social networking
Social media
New media
Social technology
Enterprise 2.0
Social intranet
Knowledge Management Enterprise-wide intranet platform
developing policy
engaging everyone tools & tactics
conclusion by Connie Crosby
Webcom Montreal
May 11, 2011 "Idle chatter" is how: staff learn to use the new tools
tacit knowledge is exchanged
teams are reinforced
staff are engaged Step Two Designs Words of Advice start small
leverage enthusiastic staff and champions
don't assume young people are experts
don't assume older people are averse
build on small successes
look for quick wins
fail fast, fail often
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