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How to Play Spicy Uno

No description

Eryn Riley

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of How to Play Spicy Uno

How to Play Spicy Uno
A deck of Uno Cards
Pen and Paper to keep score (optional)
Sharpie to sign the card if you win (optional)
Regular Uno
pass out seven cards
starting from the left of the dealer, discard one card that is the same number or same color as the previous card.
When you have one card in your hand, yell uno before someone says you have an uno.
Skip- Skip the person next to you
Reverse- Rotate the direction the cards are being played
Plus two/Plus four-
The person next to you
draws that amount of cards.
Wild- You can change the
color of the cards.
How to play SPICY UNO
Rule 1- You can play out of turn, if you have the exact same card.
Rule 2- You can "stack up" plus fours/plus twos.
Rule 3- Slap all sixes. Last person to slap draws two cards.
Rule 4- If you put a zero down, you can switch decks with anyone.
Rule 5- If you can't play a card, ask for help.
Play out of turn with the same card
Stack up plus twos and plus fours
Slap every six
Switch decks with a zero
Ask for help
Uno Action Cards. Digital image. Uno Rules. 2015. Web. 1 Oct. 2015.

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