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Linn Bergström

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of 9/11

The 9/11-attacks
The remains of 9/11
Consequences all over the world

Clean-up, damage, insurance and
economic loss - 200 billion dollars

The rest - incalculable

"The Global War on Terrorism"

Wars & international conflicts

Airport security

Racism and stereotypes

USA Patriot Act

The biggest consequence
WTC, Twin Towers, Pentagon
Conspiracy theories:
#1 The U.S. Government was behind the attack

#2 Some people say there were bombs in the buildings causing the major destruction

#3 The former owner of the buildings, Larry Silverstein, knew about the massacre before it took place

Do you think that
any other attacks
or wars has left such
a huge impact on the
world? If so, which and

Why do you think that al-Qaeda performed the attacks in the way that they chose? Meaning: Why did they chose to use airplanes instead of using explosives only? Why?
The deed, what happened?

Almost 3000 lives lost

By: Ebba, Filip, Linn, Nina
September 11th 2001
4 planes
Al-Quaeda, the hijackers and motives

Do you think Al-Qaeda
had any idea of how
big the consequences
would be?
- Do you believe in any of these theories? If so, which and why?
USA troops were present in Saudi Arabia
United States supported attacks and opression against muslims
USA supported authoritarian regimes in the Middle East
The sanction agains Iraq was an important motive for the attacks.
The stated motives of the 911-attacks from Usama Bin Laden in a letter to America:

Soviet war in Afghanistan
USA support
Free muslim countries

Osama bin Laden and Khalid Mohammed
Jihad against USA
Went to flying school in florida
20 hijackers
400 000$-500 000$
Warnings about attacks
Do you think that something or someone would have been able to prevent the attack?
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