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james harding

on 25 March 2013

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By Gary Paulsen Canyons When Characters Main Idea Canyons by Gary Paulsen took place in two different time periods, from the views of two different people. One took place in the late 1700s, early 1800s, in the view of Coyote Runs. The other time period was in the late 1900s, early 2000s, in the view of Brennan Cole. Setting The story, Canyons by Gary Paulsen took place in El Paso, Texas. In the middle of the story it started to take place in a canyon called, Dog Canyon. A few times it would take place at Brennan's home. Coyote Runs- Coyote Runs is a 14 year old Apache Indian boy. He got shot in the head during his first raid that would, if successful, will make him a man among his Apache tribe. However, he was shot by an American soldier and died instantly.

Brennan Cole- Brennan is a 15 year old boy, who lives in El Paso, Texas with his mother. Brennan's father left his mother, when she was giving birth to Brennan. Brennan never got to meet his father and doesnt even know what he looks like.

Bill- Bill is a man that entered Brennan's and his mothers life. Bill really likes Brennan's mother and really likes Brennan too.He took Brennan and his mother camping in Dog Canyon, along with a few boy scouts

Brennan's Mother- Brennan's mother is a really nice lady that's had many men in her life. But she doesn't feel like its going to be the same with Bill. A boy named Brennan Cole finds a skull of an Apache boy in a canyon named, Dog Canyon. Brennan is 15 years old. When he finds the skull he becomes obsessed with it, and finds out that it was shot because of a bullet hole. The bullet hole was placed in the center of the forehead. He soon learns that it was a skull that belonged to an Apache boy that was executed by soldiers in the year, 1864. The Apache boys name was Coyote Runs. Brennan knows that neither boy will find peace until Coyote Runs' skull is returned to an ancient, sacred place. In a run through the canyon to return the skull, Brennan faces the challenge of his life. Young-adult fiction What I disliked What I disliked about the story is that when you're reading the book it would randomly change from Brennan's view of the story to Coyote Runs' view of the story without even letting you know. So while I was reading the book i would get confused sometimes because i wouldn't realize that it switched from Brennan to Coyote Runs. What I liked What I liked about the story, Canyons by Gary Paulsen is when you're reading it would switch from Brennan's point of view of the story to Coyote Runs' point of view of the story. The reason I like that the story switches the point of view is that you wouldn't only see the problems that Brennan or Coyote Runs face, but you will see what both Brennan and Coyote Runs have to face on both of their journey's through the canyons. When you're reading the book you will eventually stop seeing Coyote Runs journey because of when he got executed by the American soldiers Protagonist:
Brennan, Coyote Runs, Bill, Brennan's mother

Antagonist: American soldiers What I thought about the book I really liked the book, Canyons by Gary Paulsen. It was very adventurous and full of action. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes action or anything about survival. I would recommend it to people ages 14-15. DEUCES
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