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Molly Pitcher

No description

Stormy Riddle

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher Molly Pitcher She was born October 13,1774. She was born in New Jersey.
She died January 22,1832 Molly Pitcher Husband In 1764 she married John Casper. He was a young baber. Mary Hays { Molly Pitcher} Molly Pitcher was the nickname given to a women who fought in the American Battle of Monmouth.
In the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778 Mary Hays {Molly Pitcher} attended to the Revolutionary soldiers by giving people water that was in the war.
As her husband was carried out to the battle field she was controlling the cannon Mary Hays { Molly Pitcher} At one point during the war a British musket/cannon ball flew between her legs and tore off the bottom of her skirt.
Mary Hays joined her husband as camp follower during the Philadelphia Campaign {1777-1778} in New Jersey How She helped in the war She followed her husband regiment.
She nursed the sick.
She also assisted in the cooking and washing the dishes. How Mary Hays got her name Molly Pitcher June 28,1778 in Freehold New Jersey during the battle of Monmouth Mary Hays was given the nickname “Molly Pitcher”.
She had earned her nickname “Molly Pitcher” by caring water going to and from a spring for the soldiers to have water. Another Molly Another Molly has stepped in for her husband and fought for him and when she was in New York she had lost her left arm while fighting.
1776 Congress gave her a military pension for fighting in the war.
Corbin was the first women from American to win the honor. I am Mary Hays! I am a fighter and a wife
I wonder what is going to happen to me
I hear sounds of gun shots and cannons
I see people getting killed and shot and wounded.
I want to have freedom to do what ever I want to do.
I am a fighter and a wife
I pretend that I am back at my house where no war is going on.
I feel sad that I am away from my family and ready to protect my self from danger.
I touch the wounded soldiers and I touch the powerful weapons.
I worry that I or my husband are not going to survive that we are going to die.
I cry because I am scared that I am going to die fighting for my husband.
I am a fighter and a wife.
I understand that my husband is hurt and I have to stay strong for the both of us.
I say that we are okay and that we are going to survive this.
I dream that we win the war.
I try to be strong for everyone that is hurt of wounded.
I hope that the war will be over soon.
I am a fighter and a wife. In the 1700’s the Europeans powers battled for control of the colonist. Britain and France fought for dominion of North America. Britain lost the war and France won the war. Summary My Citations Molly Pitcher last modified October 12,2012@wikipidia
Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley 25 Nov. 2006Hai Lin, Fall 2006.
Michael Burgan, Great Women of the American Revolution. Minneapolis, Compass Point Books
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