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Cree By: Iverson Jiang and Eric Sai

This is about the Cree, First Nations.

BlackOrange3343 Jiang

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Cree By: Iverson Jiang and Eric Sai

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Cree Lived in Canada, Manitoba, Hudson Bay, James Bay, Subarctic, Northern Woodlands and Northern Quebec. One LandForms they lived in is the Plains. They have 3 waterways; the waterways are called Rupert River, the great whale, and lake Mistassini. Winter is cold for the Cree and the summer is hot.
Cree By: Iverson Jiang and Eric Sai
The Cree people ate vegetables and fruits, for example: raspberries and a kind of plant called prairie turnips. They ate lots of meat, they had ducks, bison, rabbits, deer, geese, fish, bears, birds, coyotes, moose, eagles, lynx, caribou and wolf.
The shelter depended on the where they lived. If they lived in the forest they will make shelter out of wood. The Cree people follow the bison for their food. So they have teepees with them. They also have sweat houses, log houses, caribou houses, and pit house.
The Cree people have to move a lot. They walk with the bison, but they have horses with a travois that carries stuff. They sometimes ride horses. Cree people also believes in evil spirits and the great spirit. They dance and do arts and crafts to scare away evil spirits. They prey for the greats spirit.

The Cree people wore accessories, dresses, hair roaches, leggings, breech cloths, moccasins. They wore cloth to keep warm. They wore accessories to look good. The leggings are for protection from insects. The hair roaches are used to cover their hair.
Where Cree People Lived And LandForms
Food And Animals
The Video...
A Secret Circle
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