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2.02 Early Cells

No description

Bill Sobalsky

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of 2.02 Early Cells

2.02 Early Cells

Early Cells
By Greg Garvis
Experiment Notes
I started off by placing a egg in a jar filled with vinegar.

About an hour later the egg started to float a bit.

Near the end it started to smell really gross. It looked like one of those rubber bouncy egg toys.

At the end when i took it out, it felt gross, slimy and rubbery.
My hypothesis was that it would most likely grow a bit, and stink pretty bad. Also that it would be kind of goey, almost like rubber.
My results pretty much perfectly matched my hypothesis. The egg did go bad, and it did also grow a bit.
Lab Data Evaluation
The growth was caused by osmosis. Osmosis is a form of passive transport. Since the egg was not alive it could not have been active transport.
Cell Membrane Importance
Thanks to my research I have decided that yes, the membrane is the most important, due to the face that they virtually hold the cell together.
Plants & Water...
I have learned in this lesson that, plants have more minerals in them, and that allows water to pass through the membrane of your greens' (lettuce or spinach) cells. the leaves in plants get more firm and hard because of this.
Egg Size Change
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