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Copy of Guinness World Records (length and distance)

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pixi cube

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Guinness World Records (length and distance)

Farthest Inverted Pole Climb
Nele Bruckmann (Germany) climbed 9.73 m up a pole in one minute.

millimeters- 9,730 mm
centimeters- 973 cm
decimeters- 97.3 dm
Highest Altitude Reached by Car
Gonzalo Bravo and Edurado Canales (both Chile) drove to an altitude of 6,688 m.

millimeters- 6,688,000 mm
centimeters- 668,800 cm
decimeters- 68,000 dm
Guinness World Records
(length and distance)

Farthest Distance Traveled on a Skateboard in 24 Hours
Skateboarder James Peters (USA) covered 296.12 km in 24 hours.

centimeters- 296,120 cm
decimeters- 29,612 dm
meters- 2,961.2 m
Greatest Distance with a Human Powered Vehicle
The farthest distance covered with a human-powered vehicle in a 24-hour period is 1,041.24

centimeters- 1,041,240 cm
decimeters- 104,124 dm
meters- 10,412.4 m
Farthest Distance Traveled Underwater on a Pogo Stick
Ashrita Furman (USA) jumped 512.06 m underwater on a pogo stick.

millimeters- 512,060 mm
centimeters- 51,206 cm
decimeters- 5,120.6 dm
Longest Dog Living
The longest dog alive today is Farrell and he has a nose to tail length of 237 cm.

millimeters- 2,370 mm
decimeters- 23.7 dm
meters- 2.372 m
Longest Hair
Xie Qiuping (China) had hair that measured 5.627 m long.

millimeters- 5,627 mm
centimeters- 562.7 cm
decimeters- 56.27 dm
Longest Beard
Longest Legs (Female)
Longest Tongue
Stephen Taylor's tongue measures 9.5 cm from the tip to the center of his closed top lip.

millimeters- 95 mm
decimeters- 0.95 dm
meters- 0.095 m
The beard of Shamsher Singh (India) was measured to be 1.83 m long.

millimeters- 1,830 mm
centimeters- 183 cm
decimeters- 18.3 dm
Svetlana Pankratova's (Russia) legs were measured at 132 cm long.

millimeters- 1,320 mm
decimeters- 13.2 dm
meters- 1.32 m
That's the average height of a man.
This is roughly about
the height of a 2
story house.
That's roughly the
length of 23 kleenex boxes.
Picture of Nele Bruckmann.
Picture of Ashrita Furman.
Sorry, there is no picture available of Farrell.
That's about the same length of a car.
Picture of James Peters.
Picture of Xie Quiping.
This is a picture of Shamsher Singh.
That's about as long as this shelf is high.
No image available.
That's approximately the distance from Toronto to Virginia Beach.
This is a picture of Svetlana Pankratova.
That's as long as a skateboard.
Staphen Taylor's tongue.
That's the same length of a stapler.
This is a picture of Gonzalo Bravo and Edurado Canales.
The altitude they reached is about as long as the Amazon River.
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