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Chapter 14

No description

Ai Manto

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Rizal in London
RIZAL IN LONDON (1888-1889)

Aiza Mae Manto
Bridget Jill Billedo
Jona Mae Lapinig
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
He chose this English City to be his new home for three reasons:

1) to improve his knowledge of the English Language
2) to study and annotate Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas
3) London was a safe place
Life in London
May 25, 1888 - after docking at Liverpool,
he stayed as guest at the home of Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor, an exile of 1872 and a practising lawyer in London
Bad news: injustices committed by the Spanish authorities on the Filipino people and the Rizal family.
Step 5
After visiting United States, Rizal lived in London from May, 1888 to March 1889.
In London,
wrote many articles for La Solidaridad
Jose Rizal:
had a romance
with Gertrude Beckett
completed annotating Morga's book
penned a famous letter to the
young women of Malolos
carried on his voluminous correspondence
with Blumentritt and relatives
engaged in Filipiniana studies
- By the end of May, he found a modest boarding place at
No. 37 Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill.
- He was a boarder of the Beckett family.
The Becketts were:
Mr. Beckett - organist of St. Paul's Church
Mrs. Beckett
2 sons and 4 daughters (The oldest was Gertrude)
Rizal came to know Dr. Reinhold Rost, the librarian of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an authority on Malayan languages and customs.
Impressed by Rizal's learning and character, he recommended him to the authorities of the British Museum. He called Rizal "
a pearl of a man
" (una perla de hombre)
Rizal spent much of his time in the British Musuem poring over the pages of Morga's Sucesos and other rare historical works on the Philippines.
He frequently visited Dr. Regidor and discussed with him problems pertaining to Philippine affairs.
He spent Sundays in the house of Dr. Rost, with whom he had many pleasant discussions on linguistics. He also played cricket and boxed with Dr. Rost's sons.
News from Home, Good and Bad
Good news: Rev. Vicente Garcia defended "Noli me Tangere" against the attacks of the friars.
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