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The Iberian Lynx

A little presentation about the Iberian Lynx!

Bryony Grover

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of The Iberian Lynx

"Europe's Only Endemic Feline" The Iberian Lynx What is an Iberian lynx? Have you ever seen a normal lynx? Well, the Iberian lynx looks almost the same!
Short tail
Tufted ears
Ruff around/below the neck
However! The Iberian lynx is grayer in coloration than its Eurasian counterpart, and has very distinct leopard spot markings. Well, where do they live? The Iberian lynx lives in southwestern Spain, in very small, isolated pockets. Out of those pockets, there are only two known populations that breed. One population in Sierra Morena and the other in Coto Doñana.
They prefer scrub and woodland, but also open fields for hunting rabbits, their primary food source.
They lived in Portugal, but are now thought to be extinct there. Pft. Why should I care about a cat? Every animal has its place in this world! When one animal disappears from its ecosystem, it can cause a great disturbance.
As the Iberian lynx mainly feeds upon rabbits, the rabbit population could skyrocket without its primary predator present.
The lynx also kills other predators that us humans would consider pests, such as foxes and feral cats, which is a benefit to us, even if we may not notice it.
There may only be less than 200 Iberian lynx left in the wild, due the dwindling numbers of its primary food source and its habitat being changed and destroyed by humans! Heavier traffic, according to the IUCN, is another huge factor, as the young lynx attempt to branch off to find new habitats. (Lynx pardinus) What can I do to help? According to a conservationist group called SOS Lynx, if the Iberian lynx goes extinct, it will be the first feline since prehistoric times to go extinct! But you can prevent that from happening by spreading awareness. Tell people about the Iberian lynx and its plight.
You can also visit http://www.soslynx.org/ to learn more about what they're doing to help the lynx, such as:
instigating a captive breeding program
keeping problematic roads from being laid
stopping further building in lynx habitats
You could even start a petition of your own or do a project on the Iberian lynx, just like I did! More Information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iberian_lynx
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