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What's New in SolidWorks 2014

No description

Daniel Herzberg

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of What's New in SolidWorks 2014

9 October, 2013

Annotation & Dimension Enhancements
Slot Callouts & Centermarks
New slot functionality is fully integrated across SolidWorks.
Auto-insert slot centermarkswith new drawing views.
Insert slot callouts (similar to hole callouts) for slots created using Hole Wizard.
Angular Running Dimensions
Similar to Ordnate Dimensions, but for radial features.
Force Notes Uppercase
WINNER - Replace Model View
Easily replace the model referenced in any drawing view(s)
Replace assembly with part (or vice versa) and retain dimensions and annotations.
Example: Replace sheet metal part with sheet metal assembly with hardware.
Part creation, orginization, and visualization improvements.
Section View Enhancements
Graphics-only Section View
Section updates much faster, with small limitations
Requires section cap color, no measurement to sectioned face.
Exclude From Section
Show some bodies/components in their entirety, while sectioning others.
Conic Fillets
Create more adanced fillets using conic cross-sections
Specify parameters such as Rho value and conic radius
History Folder
Folder at top of design tree shows last several edited features.
Includes features, sketches, mates, in-context parts, etc.
Easily find the features you just changed.
WINNER - Slots in Hole Wizard
Slots are now fully supported throughout SolidWorks
WINNER - Slot Mates
An entirely new type of mate
Select By Size
Select all small components at once, by percentage of total assembly.
Hide/suppress to improve performance.
Context Toolbar
Change configurations
Make subassemblies flexible/rigid
Apply mates
Pattern Enhancements
Curve-dirven pattern and Sketch-driven pattern now available in assemblies.
Feature-divern pattern is now Pattern-driven pattern.
Use features, components, subassemblies, part- or assembly-level patterns & hole wizard series'.
Incremental enhancements that make creating assemblies easier.
What's New
Mate entities to straight or radial slots.
Parts do not move beyone ends of slots.
Mate position can be free or defined by distance/percentage along slot.
No more retyping notes or properties because you forgot to hit CAPS LOCK

Check the "All Uppercase" checkbox in individual notes, or set the option globally in Document Properties.
Exclude certain words from this rule, such as units of measure.
Quickly define angles for multiple features around a central point or axis.
Create slots directly from the hole wizard.
Specify standard or custom sizes.
Include counterbores or countersinks.
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