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Molecular Profile CHEM 2370

Romana Brand

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Norepinephrine

fully understanding the biosynthesis of this compound could be game-changing because of the major role it engages within the physiological processes of decision-making. . can cause an allergic reaction, performing some none-too-pretty swelling of the face, lips, tongue, mouth, and throat.
and then, even this won't begin to describe your woe. Norepinephrine Group Members:
Romana Brand, Angela Tetteh, Sandra Ruiz Tinajero & Markeisth Scott. Organic Chemistry 2370 with Dr. D Molecular Formula C H NO Chiral Center Maximum
Number of
Stereoisomers 2^1=
2 possible stereoisomers IUPAC Nomenclature 4-[(1R)-2-amino-1-hydroxyethyl]benzene-1,2-diol Melting Point@STP:
220-230 °C Molar Mass: . g/mol Molecular Formula:
C H NO CAS REGISTRY 51-41-2 Boiling point @STP:
442.6 °C CONCERNS Hazardous? oooh yeah.
if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin:
can affect the central nervous system by depressing it.
may affect the cardiovascular system by causing hypertension (high blood pressure), resulting in several doozies:
chest pain,
light sensitivity,
narrowing of blood vessels,
oxygen deficiency,
irregular heartbeat,
and weakening of the pumping to the kidneys, heart, and liver.. As a prescribed, injected drug or chemical... As a biosynthesized molecule... um nooope.
is kind of (just a tad, no big deal) necessary for the noradrenergic system to make because it:
acts a stress hormone, and kicks in your fight-or-flight response (applicable for those awkward moments, ya know?).
does hard-time neurotransmit-y things, in conjunction with dopamine to make humans complicated pieces of EMOTION. partakes in the stimulation and arousal of the brain, and
aids in responsibility for its focusing attention, learning, and sleeping functions (for when "ain't-nobody-got-time-for-dat" situations arise). high levels = alertness, clarity, and euphoria.
low levels = doom and despair (think of the world without your favorite things in it, and there you have it). WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Yes & No Addictive? In and of itself... albeit serving as a neurotransmitter for conceivably addictive and appetitive behaviors,
logically and factually so, it is NOT a substance that will actually CAUSE addiction since it is naturally needed and produced accordingly by le brain and le adrenal gland. As a reintroduced drug... if administered correctly, it can be utilized to treat life-threatening low blood pressure, blood vessel dilation, bronchial dilation, and regulate oxygen release in muscles. NOPE ALSO NOPE USES Medicine? yep. norepinephrine, commonly analogous with the term noradrenaline, does plays well in the medicine field; Artificial sweetening? "I occasionally delve into the dating coach business, with my buddies Dopamine and Serotonin. When all goes as planned, it CAN get pretty sweet. " *wink wink*
- C8H11NO3 erm, trick question? think so. no. norepinephrine is not used as an artificial sweetener or in artificial sweetening. Personal Care Products? and today's special judges are: Soap Toothpaste Antiperspirant Shampoo our contestant for this episode: WEAPON CHOSEN: pie chart verdict: indeed, norepinephrine is NOT used in personal care products. similar to adrenaline, it can serve specifically as hypotensive medication (a loving boa constrictor of blood vessels) to treat low blood pressure, spoilers the answers are yes, no, no.
but not in that order. "I'm a professional. Marry me?" "I can't decide. Lemme think some more." and being able to do this, ol' Norepi (a term of endearment really, not a manifestation of lackadaisical spelling skills), allows for:
more efficient cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
better control of glucose levels, and
an overall upkeep of homeostasis for basic daily functioning. As medication (most commonly given as "norepinephrine bitartrate" injections): Norepinephrine's color and form @ STP Colorless microcrystal. similar to this Naturally Occurring? Man-made? or Naturally speaking - norepinephrine is a molecule found naturally released by the noradrenergic system, which is composed of the nervous and endocrine systems within the human body. existing as both a neurotransmitter and hormone (oh you multitasker, you!), it prepares the body for response - particularly to stressful situations. On the other synthetic hand - there ARE out-of-body forms of this compound out there somewhere: the clinical health industry includes distributors such as Cardinal Health and General Injectables and Vaccines, Inc. who sell diluted norepinephrine products (e.g. Levophed) for use as a prescribed medication. Procrastinating the completion of this profile: prime rib example of a stressful situation. companies like Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (US) and Medinex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd (India) extract the molecule from plasma. and still others, like Sigma-Aldrich (US), sell a wide variety of biochemicals (our dearest norepinephrine isn't left out, of course) for analytical, technological, and biological research purposes. Nervous System Sources, slides 10-24 emolecule. Version 2013. http://www.emolecules.com/. Accessed February 22, 2013. Sigma-Aldrich.Norepinephrine, Properties. http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/sigma/a7257?lang=en&region=US. Accessed February 22, 2013. LookChem. Norepinephrine. http://www.lookchem.com/search.aspx?type=productname&k=l-Norepinephrine. Accessed February 22, 2013. Brainstem Medulla oblongata Endocrine System Adrenal glands Brain Norepi -
"Quit lookin'. I'm naked." Made
How? "I make stuff and things. No big deal." norepinephrine is made here. and here. Amount of Personal Care Products NOT Containing Norepinphrine Amount of Personal Care Products Containing Norepinephrine (JUST KIDDING. We don't exist.) sexy Sources, slides 25-89 39.0620 Kcal/mol minimum ENGERY STRUCTURAL FORMULA SOURCES, SLIDES 3-9 Chemical Trading Guide: Guidechem http://www.guidechem.com/dictionary/en/51-41-2.html (accessed January 2013)

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