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EDEN Research Project


Jillian Thomas

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of EDEN Research Project

How to prepare for IEP students Context: Step 1: Read/study your student's IEPs.

Step 2: Meet with resource teachers. I teach in a very diverse classroom. 3 out of 4 of my preps I teach only once during the day. Not only is the curriculum diverse, but my students are as well.

My afternoon classes have many students on IEPs. I was very intrigued with how my teacher handled/prepared for IEPs. I decided to focus on how a new teacher, in her/his first year, can be successful with IEP preparation. I spent a lot of time looking up and studying the IEPs of my students. I read through their IEP, and met with 2 of their resource teachers. We sat, ate lunch, and talked about the students one by one. I got to know what their specific needs were.

Then I talked with my teacher & a first year teacher - I tried to get different perspectives on how a teacher feels when working with IEP students. My Plan of Action! Research suggests that teachers feel unprepared and stressed out in dealing with IEPs. Many feel stressed or don't believe that an IEP is useful. A majority feel as if they are totally left out in the IEP decision-making process., and many don't believe their place in the IEP process improves their teaching. What the already-published research suggests What I found Item Strongly Strongly
Agree Agree Disagree Disagree

The IEP helps me to or- 12.2% 51.2% 22.8% 3.3%
ganize and structure my (15) (63) (28) (4)
teaching better.

I feel I am a better teacher 12.2% 39.8% 31.7% 4.9%
because I have the IEP to (15) (49) (39) (6)
guide my instructional

I use IEP goals and objec- 13% 52% 19.5% 3.3%
tives to plan instructional (16) (64) (24) (4)

Using lists of IEP goals and 5.7% 52% 26.8% 1.6%
objectives would give me (7) (64) (33) (2)
more time for teaching.

IEPs are so valuable all 3.3% 17.9% 44.7% 23.6%
students should have them. (4) (22) (55) (29) Step 3: Be prepared/organized for IEP meetings.

Step 4: Actually attend IEP meetings. Step 4:
IEPs are supposed to be a team process. Challenge your school to support you.
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