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Cambridge Speaking

A quick guide to how Cambridge Oral Exams are marked and how we can help students to do better

Nicola Brooks

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Cambridge Speaking

what examiners are looking for Cambridge Speaking Exams Part 4
(and how Proficiency
is a little bit different) Grammatical resource Discourse Management Part one: Getting to know you/relax! Any idea what level this is? Speaking exams all start the same way... But are they any good? We need to see a bit more... "I'd like you to talk on your own for about a minute... please compare two photos, and say what you think... ... ... alright?" "I've just finished high school"
"It could help me get to know other people and get a better job."
"The second one is more about your social life."
"there's a lady who looks... really stressed." Lexical resource "The crockery around her shows the stress and disorder."
"late for work" "stressful" "relaxed"
"They're playing monopoly or something" These girls are showing In FCE Grammar and Vocabulary are graded together. "a good degree of control of simple grammatical forms... and a range of vocabulary to give and exchange views on familiar and unfamiliar topics." = 3(pass) So what's after part 2?
Part 3! Guess the level here... 6:35 "Now I'd like you to talk about something together for about 3 minutes... ... discuss the ideas, and decide... ..." Interactive Communication Rino produces extended stretches of language with little hesitation
Gabriela's contributions in part 3 are a little limited (though she makes up for it in other parts)
Gabriela and Rino's contributions are both mainly relevant and there is very little repetition
Rino uses a range of cohesive devices and some discourse markers, but on occasion he has less control Both score 4
Both Rino and Gabriela initiate and respond appropriately, linking their contributions to those of other speakers

They both maintain and develop the interaction and negotiate towards an outcome Both score 4.5 What else do we mark? Global achievement: A general mark from the interlocutor Pronunciation:
Individual sounds
Intonation Proficiency: decision making =part 2
Individual long turn with photos =part 3 Part 4 is always continued discussion of
the topics/themes
in part 3 "Thank you, that's the end
of the test."
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