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Copy of Planned Happenstance: Creating Your Own Opportunities

No description

Fiona Hartley

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Planned Happenstance: Creating Your Own Opportunities

Creating Your Own Opportunities

Career Planning
Case Studies!
5 Skills of Planned Happenstance
Think of an example when you or someone you know benefited from curiosity, persistence, flexibility, optimism, and/or risk-taking.
: Explore new learning opportunities

: Continue trying even when you run into setbacks

: Be open to changing attitudes and situations

: See new opportunities as being possible and

: Don’t be afraid to do something even when
you’re not sure how or if it will turn out
Planned Happenstance
Planning is everything

Everything is in your control

Push toward certainty in knowing what you want to do and how to get there, i.e. Not okay to be unsure

Asking questions to be able to do something

Knowing your interests, skills, and values guarantees a match with the “right” career
and that it will happen
Planning is
one element
of career development

Recognizing that
events play a role in career planning

Advantages of
Do “not be bound by a plan that may be obsolete before it is
formulated”. (Mitchell, Levin, & Krumboltz, 1999, p. 117)

Asking questions
just to know
Being curious and to ask “what would happen if...” questions

Knowing your interests, skills, and values is an important
element in having success in
creating your own
opportunities in a career path that fits
Think of someone who seems to be

In small groups discuss what attributes you think lucky people have.

What about people who never seem to get a break?
What attributes do
people have?
Following a career path is a lifelong learning process that involves you making countless decisions in response to unexpected/chance events.

Anxiety about planning our future is normal, you can overcome this.

Planned Happenstance does not mean that you leave everything to chance.

It can feel risky, but don’t let this stop you.
Work on your interpersonal communication
Get involved!
Become more self-aware
Follow your curiosity
Look for opportunities to develop new skills
Do an internship
Talk to someone in the career you're pursuing!
Join LinkedIn (for networking, research, exploration, getting connected, etc..)
Happenstance Activities: What could the following lead to?
In Conclusion...
"Instead of asking adolescents what they want to be when they grow up, a better question is,
what would be
to try next
-John Krumholtz
Cold Call
Job Shadowing
A Connection on LinkedIn
What is Planned Happenstance?

The planned part has to do with both adopting a conscious attitude of receptiveness to your own interests and to chance events, and taking steps to act on these.

"We do not always need a plan to create a career. Instead, we need a plan to act on happenstance - to transform unplanned events into career opportunity." --From "In praise of uncertainty" by Kathleen Mitchell, October 25, 1998 (SF Examiner)

Planned Happenstance… means tuning into what you're naturally drawn to doing.
you get."
-Gary Player

Creating Luck?
Planning for the Unknown
A Little About ...
Professional networking (operates similarly to FB)
75M users (#16 website)
Show off expanded resume
Online presence in your field/industry
Information gathering and research
Job searching
Visually see the power of your network
Come to the next workshop! (Next quarter)
Handouts on CS website, student tutorial on LinkedIn
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