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For presentation at the Church Growth Workshop in Connecticut, March 2010

Stan Granberg

on 30 June 2012

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Transcript of Greenlawn

The Restoration Movement's first major growth spurt Other Nascent "evangelical movements grew too (Ed Stetzer, 2002) 2010 Used to be most unchurched Now it's New England Our fellowship is struggling Our church planting rate is 0 Here's the results 3 Reasons we need to plant new churches Reason #1:
for our movement health Reason #3: New churches are
the kingdom's growth engine Reason #2: Age 30 is menopause
for most churches So what's happening "out there"? Think diversity! Meet Howard Moscowitz here Strategy lab Sep 4-8 Jonesboro,AR Strategic focus
Ministry tools
Next steps
ministry plan National Prayer Network
1,000 prayer partners national movement of prayer Discovery Lab 1 - Readiness 3 - Competencies 2 - Fit Strategy Lab Coaching Missional Map Ministry Plan Scott Lambert
Network Director Amos Allen
Cirector of Planter Care Coach triads Bi-monthly coach calls Plant coaching is to
the project 60-90 minutes a session HISTORY OUR FELLOWSHIP WHAT'S NEXT? DGR = Decadel Growth Rate, how much in 10 years? 10-for-10.org $10/month available at - http://bit.ly/bUbPDS Cost: $500 for up to 4 people
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