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No description

Tyler Martin

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of BMW

Trained to answer any and all questions for a client before, during, or after the purchase

Muneeb and Evan

Every series, model, and trim inside and out.

The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW of Mt. Laurel
What is a "Genius"?
Defined as: a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, usually in some particular respect.
What does a
Genius do?
2015 Intern Goal
Embrace the Encore Process
Investigate the Benefits of Encore
What can we improve?
How can we
clients happy?
Where is our opportunity for a return on investment with Encore?
What is an Encore?
First Half of 2015
Bayerische Motoren Werke

(Bavarian Motor Works)
Complimentary BMW Service
Meeting with Geniuses
Features and Functions
Primary Focus
Highly Valued by our mature clients
The Ultimate Automotive Experience
212 Appointments in the first half of the year
558 Cars sold in this time
Encore Positives
Customer Service
Rapport Building
Creating Return on Investment / Repeat Buyers
Improved CSI Survey Scores
What makes BMW of Mt. Laurel
"Best In Class"
Summer 2015
Chris Kern
Mike Schwab
John Spoltore
Mike Hames
Wendy Morgan-Malan
John Valerio
Artur Plyuschev
John Emery
Doreen English
Jonnie Brown
Michael Machado
Mark Kaminski
Ky Williams
Ryan Suggs
Paul Schweiger
Wayne Calabrese
Mark Bianchini
Donna McLaughlin
Bob Sherlock
Niger St. John
Eric Decker
Dan Kirby
Krystal Buzard
Maria Krilov
Caroline Calalang
Arie Ouimet
Stephanie Repko
Sean Bay
Grant Penny
Matt Frangella
Muneeb Khan
Evan Ridington
BMW Encore Parking Spots
More Formal
Makes clients feel like a priority
Makes clients aware of Encore
Less confusion
BMW Encore Incentives
Incentives get people in the door
$20 credit to the parts boutique +
BMW Lifestyle - Psychosomatic Association
Improve Encore-to-Sales Ratio
Create Encore Awareness
Build Rapport
Convince Clients to Service Here
Overhead Cost
Put Improvements In Place
Continue to Build On What We Have
Customer Appreciation Program (CAP)
"Encore 2.0"
Repeat Customers

General Managers
Sales Managers
Finance Managers
Customer Appreciation Program
List created from Encore Appointments
Rapport Built
The Ballen Family


Sales Managers Assistants
Client Advisors
Client Advisors
Client Advisor Assistants
Lot Attendants
*Free Tank of Gas / Car Wash and 20% off
Quarterly Updates from the Geniuses
New Features Explained
Direct Link for Encore /CAP Appointment Scheduling
50-50 Weight Distribution
Fast / Easy Interaction
Fresh in client's minds
Able to reach multiple clients
My Overall Experience In 2 Years
BMW of Mt. Laurel Employees
5 Stars
Return on Investment
Customer Appreciation Program (CAP)
Moving Forward
Thank you!
Mark Hart
Defined as: repeated or additional performance
Experienced and Professional
Courteous and Understanding
Family man, very helpful
Loves his sales team
Loves to travel

Fitness is his passion
Former Marine, Don't Mess With Him
Just promoted to this role!
As reliable as it gets!
Juggles Finance, Upbeat!
New Recruit from Cadillac
Has Spanish Skills!
Go-to professional
Great taste in music
Skateboarding Skills
Biking Enthusiast
Insightful & Honest
"Voice for Radio"
European Delivery Specialist
Helping Hand
Southern Gardener
Fellow College Athlete
Always has a smile on!
Inspires Success
Professional and Helpful
Long time close friend
Car Crazy
New Homeowner!
Makes everyone smile
New father!
Extremely Helpful
Senior Genius
Lacrosse Enthusiast
1:30 - John B.
Group Workshops
BMW Apps
BMW Connected Drive
Driving Modes / Dynamics
Possible Workshops:
2 way street / Mutualistic
Business cards
BMW Genius Hang-tags
Richard Miller
How to move forward with Encore Program
New Hire from Harley Davidson!
Future Improvements
Google "Hangouts"
Applied Improvements
Video Conference Coaching
At Their Convenience
Multiple Clients (Husband and Wife)
Group Workshop
Customer Appreciation Program (CAP)
Genius Corner in Newsletter
Incentives To Book An Encore
Reserved Parking Sign
Genius Corner
6/10 of an hour per warranty rate
$79 per hour of Encore
Year To Date Encore Revenue
212 x $79 = $16,748 - at 38%

June: BMW of Mt. Laurel: 36.6%
National Average: 30%

$16,748 - at 38%

$22,041 - at 50% (BMW National Goal)

$26,449 - at 60%

Current YTD and Goals
+ Repeat Business
Full transcript