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Accelerated Integrated Method

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Shauna Jeyaseelan

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Accelerated Integrated Method

Implementation in Classrooms I
Foundations of AIM
The Gesture Approach
What is the purpose of AIM?
Positive Results
Implementation in Classroom II
4. Pleasant repetition to ensure effective
acquisition of language.

5. Allow opportunities for students to transfer their knowledge/strategies learned in the target language to other subjects/classes.

6. Divide whole class activities into
10 minute periods.

Why it works!
Positive Results
Why it works!
Collaborative Learning Studies

AIM students
- Exposed to cooperative learning strategies
- Better retention of information
- Increased overall enjoyment of learning new languages
- Increased social skills and self-confidence
Positive Results
Why it works! (The Research behind AIM)

Implementation in classrooms III

7. Ensure students are only using the target language being learned in class.

8. Encourage cooperative learning to promote spontaneous and authentic conversations through collaborative work.

9. Use various techniques of non-verbal communication closely paired with positive reinforcement to better learning
1. Teach high frequency vocabulary first and match them with gestures that are straightforward.

2. Teach words with gestures in isolation first. Then contextualize and integrate the use of language in various ways (i.e., drama, music, literature and dance.)

3. Scaffold activities (give easier activities and then gradually increase the difficulty).
The effectiveness of AIM in high school French classrooms (Rousse-Malpatt et al., 2012)
AIM students:
- Spoke French from the beginning, writing was introduced later
- Showed significantly higher average length of sentences than those of control groups.
- Higher comfort level with subordinate clauses due to early exposure
- Expressed different tenses with variation than control groups
- Better memory recall
- Less errors by last assessment vs. control group who had consistent errors throughout
Accelerated Language Acquisition via Gesture Studies

AIM students:
- More attentive and engaged
- Participated more actively within the classroom
- Found greater pleasure in communicating
- Learning styles of students (especially visual, kinaesthetically and aural) were catered to

Additionally studies conducted by
Yoshida (2008)
showed that repetition for AIM students helped increase megacognitive, cognitive, and social functions
Accelerate the development of fluency.
Revolutionary second language (L2) methodology: Raises expectations and performance of students.

Pared Down Language (PDL):
Verbs, vocabulary and structure
Receptive and productive use of language
Vocabulary of frequency, function and ease of acquisition.
Storytelling...."allows students to read and write creatively, analyze their writing, publish stories, sing and create dances, learn to speak publicly to an audience in a role, as they 'become' the characters in original stories as well as traditional tales from around the world" (Wendy Maxwell).

Active learning technique, specifically for effective acquisition.

Allows students to internalize the process of storytelling through improvisational games and activities.

Allows to stimulate the students' imagination and creativity.
by Wendy Maxwell
To build confidence and motivation.

Read and write stories independently

Communicate in oral interactions

Designed to meet both linguistic and general learning styles of all students
Kinaesthetic, visual and auditory through gesture, and contextualized through story and drama.
"Emotional Hook" that makes students see and feel the language.
Process of becoming an AIM Teacher
1. Purchase AIM teaching kits
- 50 hours of engaging classroom practice centered around story-telling/play writing
- Includes Whole Class Activities, Lesson Plans, Program Guides, Posters, Student/Teacher DVDs, Songs, and Powerpoints/PDFs
- Scaffolded + Sequenced
- Ordered at http://aimlanguagelearning.com/ for ~$475/kit
2. AIM Training/Certification
AIM E-learning or In-Person workshops (~ $375)
- Provides direct guidance and practical hands-on experience using AIM kits
- Online training includes gesture database, panel discussions, videos, self-assessments, and in-class footage
Does Effective Acquisition Take Place?
The Gesture Approach ensures that students have effectively learned the language because:

1) It teaches how language flows in a context.

2) Students use gestures to facilitate communication with others and eventually don't need to gesture anymore.

3) The whole process is learning by association and starting from pairing vocabulary with gestures, then contextualizing it, and finally allowing students to write creatively on their own motivates them.
How are students with learning disabilities able to participate?
Grades 1 to 8.
Can be applied to multiple subject areas not only French and language learning.
AIM can benefit those with a learning disability. eg.Dyslexic/MID: visual cues + words = help them understand and communicate more effectively.
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