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Elementary Art: Day One

The beginning of a great year starts here.

Bethany Mallino

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Elementary Art: Day One

Welcome to the
Art Innovation Lab What does "innovation" mean to you? Who knows what the word "Philosophy" means? The way you think about a certain topic and why you think that way. How do you feel about mistakes? Let's talk a little about what our art philosophy is going to look like this year: Are mistakes always BAD? What words jump out at you from the pictures below? Two new ceiling tiles that focus on our art philosophy: New Report Card: PROCESS (plan)

PRODUCT (artwork)

UNDERSTANDING Three words you're going to hear often: How does it feel to be called an innovator? What is the difference between looking for skills and content in the product? When planning your art project you should have at least how many ideas? 2 1 102 7 45 16 At least 2 but more is even better! More ideas means you are giving your brain a creativity workout! ORIGINAL WORKS Our first project this year: Write your name in AT LEAST two creative ways. Process (plan): Practice nine and select your favorite four- Lines and Textures: How are you going to make sure you learn something new during each art class? Question: I am and I hope you are too! Excited?
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