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My fav soca boots.

Gordon Gore

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Boots

My favourite boots and players Firstly, the Nike Mercurial Series....... Nike Mercurial boots
are made for quick,
easy, skillfull movements,
on and off the football. Here's all of the most popular ones in their order..... And now, the most famous users of Mercurials......... Now for T90'
(TOTAL 90' ) The T90' boots,
are made for skill,
and good shots at goal.
They are also very good for
defenders. Here they are..... Here's
a quick look
at F50' Here's a picure
of CTR 360' Lets find Adidas Predator.... Thankyou for watching! Here's the most famous people that use T90' So,
What are each of these boots for?? CTR 360 is for control Predators are for
passing control T90 are for defensive and
offensive shooting of the
ball. Mercurial is for
lightweight skill,
and speed. F50 is for speed and shooting.
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