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100% Participation

No description

Elaine Tolvo

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of 100% Participation

1. ESPAÑOL for all communication.

2. English only with teacher permission:
Example: ¿Me permite preguntar en inglés?

2. NO side conversations. NO texting!

3. NO blurting or shouting out over others.
1. Participate, act, sing, play, enjoy and help others.

2. Be an asset not a liability.

3. You are not an island. Communication requires interaction and participation.

NO Stinky Attitudes

1. Respect all people, ideas and answers.

2. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it short and sweet. Example: No me gusta.
Mantener contacto visual
1. Square shoulders, eyes on speaker at all times.

2. Nothing on desks or on laps without permission.

3. No sleeping, no side conversations, no texting.

Pedir clarificación
1. Por favor repita Sr. Tolvo.

2. No entiendo Sra. Tolvo.

3. Despacio por favor Sra. Tolvo.

4. Otra vez Sra. Tolvo.
¡Responder con entusiasmo!

1. Cute, clever, funny, even absurd answers equals

2. Monotonous, distasteful, or dull answers equals
boring and annoying
100% Participation
100% Engagement
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