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Jordyn, Wyatt, Noah

Jordyn Yerger

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Prepositions

(Noahs) example (1) The two marble lions in front of the library greet visitors.
A preposition must relate a noun or pronoun with another word in the same sentence.
1] We were AGAINST the wall when the police arrested us.

2] The grumpy troll lived UNDER the bridge.
3] The moon is AMONG the stars.

4] I live ACROSS the street from my friend.
Wyatt example 1) The dogs where
the king-sized bed
, and the cat was
(noah's) example 4) The library houses a large number of books during the year.
Noah's)example 5) I have to go back to school next year to complete 7th grade.
(Noah's) definition) A preposition is a word that relates a noun or a pronoun to some other word in a sentence.
5] I can't wait UNTIL Saturday because I'm swimming with Olympians.
Example 2) The tree is blowing
the wind.
Example 3) The swing was
next to
Definition: A word that relates nouns and
pronouns to another word in the sentence.
(Noah's) example 2) It's branches hold millions of volumes of leaves.
(Noah's) example 3) The library also holds several exhibits during the year.
Example 4) The raccoon stepped
the trigger pan,
and got it's leg stuck
the trap.
Example 5) The bobber flew
the air
when I casted.
Thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed Prepositions by Jordyn, Wyatt and me Noah.
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