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Unpacking the Standards

No description

Shelly Daugherty

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Unpacking the Standards

Unpacking the Standards
Getting to the bottom of Standards Based teaching with GCCS Pacing Guides.
The Pacing Guide serves as a tool to guide your teaching.
The standards are distributed into each of the quarters to manage time and resources effectively.
Pacing Guides are located in your Livebinder as well as the schools Symbaloo.
Within the pacing guides there are 2-3 main areas to draw attention to.
Make it your own!
What are the Standards?
Most Importantly...
The Guide will make your planning EASIER!!
New Washington
August 20, 2015
Unpacking the Standards is easy...if you know where to look.
Standards outline what students need to know, understand, and be able to do.

The standards are promulgated as state regulations. As such, they must be used as the basis for curriculum and instruction in Indiana's accredited schools.

The academic standards are NOT a curriculum; therefore, identifying the sequence of instruction in each grade—what will be taught and how long—requires concerted effort and attention at the district/school level. Academic standards do not prescribe any particular curriculum.
Next Steps:
1. Look at your own content/grade level pacing guide and find first quarter.
2. Using this weeks lesson plans, which standards are you hitting?
3. Identify materials being taught that are not based on the first quarter standards. Ask yourself, why am I teaching this material?
4. What standards do I need to add to my weekly lesson to aid in students understanding?
5. What standards will I hit in my next unit?
Next Week...
1. I will create Student Friendly Learning Targets that promote use of academic vocabulary.
2. I will participate in a deeper study of the DOK levels to push students to higher levels of understanding.
3. I will design text dependent questions that engage students in DOK 2-4.

Please bring with you...
1. Lessons that you are currently developing and materials needed to complete the above learning targets.
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