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Paying For College - Alex Runyan

Computer Applications II Project on how to pay for college.

Alex Runyan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Paying For College - Alex Runyan

Paying for College By: Alex Runyan So, How much does college cost? The average surcharge in for full-time students at public four-year institutions is around $11 ,528.
One of your first and probably best option is scholarships! More than $168 billion in financial aid is available to students and their families. Start saving now! In 30 years, who is going to care about your $100 pair of jeans? One of the smartest things young adults can do during their High School years is to start a savings account with their parents and begin saving for college. Use your Resources! There are literally thousands of people and sources that are willing to help you get started in college. Use what you have available to you and utilize them to the best of your ability. Here are some ideas: School Counselor and Advisors
Web sites and use of entire web.
Talk to University specialist on the phone or visit a college campus. csdffdf df fg College Grants from our Government! Did you know you can get a grant because your a single child or because you have no car? There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars of grants, all of which you can tap into and recieve just by filling out a few forms and applying! Talk with your parents! Talk with your parents to plan ahead, they most likely have the expierence advice that will guide you along to get yourself on your way to a University! Average Student College Tuition Fees To be able to plan and get a monetary savings going, you should first know how much you need. Get a Job! Getting a job will not only help you out with saving much-needed money for college, but it will also teach you a great life expierence in which will help you throughout college. Get a College loan from the Government! Our United States government has around $116 billion in government loans ready to go for students on their way to college. You are allowed to get the loan you need, then pay it back around 6 months after you graduate from your college.
A great resource is: http://ED.gov/ Financial Aid from the College Contact the college you were accepted/applied to and see if they have any available financial for you, usually low income families and struggling students (with 2.5 GPA +) will recieve one type of financial aid from either the college or our Government. Go to Community College for the First Two Years. By going to a community college to get your basic necessary classes out of the way, you can save thousands of dollars. After community college you can transfer over to the college of your choice. Now, we'll watch the interview Video The End.
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