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Eric and kaya

Eric Li

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of anniversary

produced by my heart~ Happy anniversary!!!! Guess what it is? Top 50th memorable
photo shots…… Just something you have seem before
But they will be on in a BRAND NEW WAY@!#$% There are some moments
I could never forget~ Our first Valentine My 18~ Christmas I could never be over about that smile~~ (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Especial in Cuba Maybe that is the most comfortable
flight in the world Tip This just part of my life! As well as the ordinary miracle…… Even nearly some collections of daily gestures,
So beautiful you are always ...... THAT IS IT?? Definitely NO Top Things of feeling and love 21.Nothing could be better to see the happiness on your face when you glimpsed the books and bottle on your desk 20.I started accompanying you to waiting buses, since you told me you want that one night 1.We both liked each other and finally, we got together 2.You have broken up with me several times since the first two months, but we remained together because how impressive I am 3.I came to you and we kissed in a tunnel during the midnight of my birthday 4.we held hands walking down a path in a woods 5.You just knew my favorite hand-holding style. 6.You said this was the first time you had been in a relationship, but , I could not believe at the beginning because of your fantastic behavior 7.You were with me and helped me out of the sadness brought by missing offers 8.You promised me that you would be the last one in this world against me no matter what I did Somehow, fights are necessary. 10.You hated me groaning with a knitted brows That is such a terrible circle! 9.We fight countless times for tiny things like a word or even an eye movement 11.We often over thought about the future like how we would live with in couples of years 12.I used to be so rage for the indifferent you during the argument, however, I felt shame and warm for your apologies too. 13.Sometimes, the simplest solution is a smile while l was looking into your eyes 15.You told me that you always has a sense of insecurity 14.The top two hardest part during a fight are making you happy and that it is, such as I used to sit out of Lexie’s door and send you notes to say I was wrong 16.No matter how many and hurting the fights were, we never fade the feeling, even put up more understands and love in the hearts DATE ^_^ 50th precious THINGS we have done...... + 17.I was rush in head so that I rather took more than half-hour bus only for wanting be with you. And I could see how surprised and excited you were 18.I still remembered the joke you told me about “no dumping” 19.To be honest, Bestview had my favorite swing which I eager to spend one more night with you there 22.We have been in the same classes for two semesters, what the pity was we have never seat together for a full class time. 23.I’d love to turn around and stare at you during the class with no one found 24.Because of you, I develop a skill of blinding text which makes me so proud of myself until now. 25.You determined to study hard just for being at the same university with me. 26.Once I gave up reviewing for a test but hanged out with you for the whole weekend, fortunately I still got the highest mark. 28.You have drew on my face, hands, arms and the whole body 30.We promised going to bed before 10 pm, but it seemed never come true 29.You know what, I was kind of disappointed before you pulled me back to my bedroom at the first night you slept in my place

27.However, if you put off all you homework to the deadline, normally, it ended up with that I wrote at least half of them during the “deadline eve” 31.You love me wearing a suit, especially I was standing under your window 32.Not just for the ice cream, IKEA is also a place for us to design our own sweet home 33.As long as getting the other one around, illness could be a happiness too 34.I have taught you about skating but it turned out that I was the one who fell over the most 35.We used to stay in the bed till the lunch time, and we both loved that 36.For a long time, you just went out when the sun set and back to your house in the morning 37.You asked me to name a different transportation everyday before going to school 38.Without a sign, we just dressed up in a couple way 39.You could create so many kinds of fantastic food, what a good chief 40.We have done window shopping all the time, not because of the budget, but you cannot find a good one 41.The moment remains in my heart forever, of seeing you waiting for me with dinner when I was opening the door after work 42.I wanna take you to try every single restaurant you would like to taste with the money I own by myself 43.as you wished, I came to you and spent the most treasure days together 44.I couldn’t miss any chance to tell you my story and say missing you, goodnight 45.We have been so many places in or out Toronto, like Cuba, Montreal, Zoo, Centre Island and High Park...... 46.The cutest part of you was when you told me how much you like to eat that burger sitting in front of City Hall with a super shy face 47. We have stuck in the airport and waited for bus a whole night, so distressed we were 48.You slept in my arms with a hook on your face during the flight 49.We used to have a private photographer, and he was really great for that 50.I was just like a Doraemon, because I have everything you need during a trip like water, food, clothes, napkin even a flashlight I Love You Till The End!
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