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geraldina isufi

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Orphism

Connection to Beowulf

Grendel, by John Gardner has an extremely distinct to the epic poem, Beowulf. In this first chapter, we witness Grendel the way he was described throughout Beowulf, as being a monster, and disrupting the peace of innocent beings and creatures around him. The novel relates almost perfectly with the poem, the primary incident in both is when Grendel murders the men in the Meadhall.
Grendel Prezi by: Meghan & Geraldina
Orpheus was the founder and prophet of the orphic mysteries. He was a legendary musician, poet, and prophet in ancient Greek religion and myth. The major stories about him are centered on his ability to charm all livings things, and the stories that he would tell with his music.
Orpheus is one of the most significant figures in the reception of classical mythology. His songs where said to have the ability to calm beasts and coax even rocks and trees into movement.

Chapter one starts off with Grendel watching a ram on the mountainside. Grendel tries to scare it away by yelling, stamping his feet, and throwing stones at it. He lets out a howl so ferocious that it freezes the water below him. The ram, unaffected by the threats doesn't run away or make any movement, resulting in more anger in Grendel. The beginning of the 12th year of war with humans has approached. Grendel has memories of all the acts of violence that he has done; his presence alone scares off a doe. Grendel goes on his regular visit to Hrothgar's Meadhall, the Herot. On his way,he thinks of his mother and how she has lost the ability to speak. Once he arrives at the Meadhall, Grendel bursts through the doors and kills many of the men that he sees. He brings their bodies to the woods where he feasts on them, and this gives him amusement. When the morning comes he is back to being his normal gloomy and somber self. He watches and listens to the Danes as they try to recover from what just happened the night before. A funeral is held, and the Danes sing songs that make Grendel extremely angry, and with this, he flees from his home.
Zodiac connection
The zodiac sign for chapter one is Aries. The symbol of Aries is the Ram. The reader is introduced to a ram in the first chapter where its encounter with Grendel takes place. Aries symbolizes someone that is blunt and straight to the point, and it is unlikely to convince them otherwise. They are energetic, original, assertive, aggressive, enthusiastic, and self-assured; all of which can be related to the qualities that we witness in Grendel

Orphism deals with the beliefs and practices originating in the ancient Greek and Hellenistic worlds. poetry containing Orphic beliefs has been traced back to the 6th century. Orphism is the idea that the good should be rewarded, the bad; punished, the idea of the body being a prison, the idea that animals should not be harmed.

"endless cycle of life"

"I had become something, as if born again, I had hung between possibilities before, between the cold truths I knew and the heart suckling conjuring tricks of the shaper; now that was passed: I was Grendel, Ruiner of Meadhalls, Wrecker of kings! But also, as never before, I was alone

to shake invluntarily with quick, short movements, as from fear, excitement, weakness, or cold; quote; quiver
Futilely :
incapable of producing any result; ineffective; useless; not successful
sooty; smokey, of the color of soot, as dark gray, dull brown, black, etc.
1. Imagine you are the ram, how would you have reacted towards the Grendel?
2. What are some major similarities that you can find between Grendel and Beowulf? (the texts)
3. What does this first chapter reveal about Grendel; what points about him are emphasized that we already knew, and what parts of him did you encounter that you either were, or weren't expecting?
4. What could be the reason as to why Grendel acts the way he does if he thinks its his destiny to live peacefully amongst the Danes?
5. Evaluate how the zodiac sign 'Aries' is an important factor in understanding the philosophy "Orphism"

Meaning of life:
The meaning of life is something that cannot be determined through merely one person. Things that are though to be important, such as cultures, values, traditions, religion, and life; have no set "meaning"
The novel offers proof that Grendel's life is meaningless and that he is nothing but a mere existentialist monster.
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