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The Outsiders Main Events

No description

Kennedy Barr

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Main Events

The Outsiders Project By: Kennedy Barr & T'shaun Kimbrough Main Events in The Outsiders Main Events in The Outsiders Main Events in Th Outsiders Main Events in The Outsiders Ponyboy got jumped by Socs on the way home from the drive in movie. Ponyboy and Johnny cut and bleach their hair. The church was on fire and there was kids in the church having a picnic, so Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally saved them but ended up in the hospital. Johnny dies in the hospital and shortly after that Dally gets killed. Main Events in The Outsiders Background Information Greasers: Socs: They don't have a lot of money to buy new clothes.
They don't have fancy cars.
They have long greasy hair.
They wore leather jackets, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. They are richer than the Greasers.
They drive nicer cars.
They have nice clothes.
Short hair. Socs Greasers Johnny got beat up by socs and it got him very scared. Ponyboy and the rest of the gang found Johnny in the vacant lot after it happened. Main Events in The Outsiders Main Events in The Outsiders Johnny got beat up by socs in a blue mustang. These socs are Bob, Randy, and their gang. Johnny got pretty scrapped up from the rings on Bob's hands. Darry hit Ponyboy during an arguement, so Ponyboy ran back to the vacant lot and ran off with Johnny. Main Events in The Outsiders Ponyboy and Johnny walked back to the park and Bob, Randy, and their gang showed up drunk. Main Events in The Outsiders Bob demanded Ponyboy get drown in the fountain. Johnny got thrown to the ground, but he got up and stabbed Bob, which killed him. He was trying to save his friend. Main Events in The Outsiders Dally had the boys go to Windrixville, Oklahoma in an abandon church so they didn't get caught for the murder.
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