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Amelia Lost

No description

Kristian Hardy

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Amelia Lost

Amelia Lost
The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Lost is a
nonfiction book
about Amelia Earhart.The author of this book is Candace Fleming.
About Candace Fleming
1.Before Candace could even write her name she would make up stories to tell her friends.
2.She has 2 sons and a dog named Nemo.
3.Candace has written and published over 20 children's books and Amelia Lost is her first nonfiction.
4.In the 5th grade she gave one of her books the Newberry Medal Award by peeling off the sticker on The Witch of Blackbird Pond and putting it on one of her novels
Table Of Contents
Table of Contents cont.
Vagabonding,Recod Breaking and Romance, 1928 to 1935....64
July 5,1937-Betty's Story....80
Plans,1935 to 1937....83
July 5-6,1937 - The Search Continues....96
Last Flight,1937....98
July 7-18, 1937 - All Search for Earhart Terminated....104
(Different sources and Index)
Book Information
How Are the Contents Arranged?
There are "two stories" going on within the chapters. The first story starts off when Amelia is about to complete her last part in her around-the-world flight.The second story starts off when Amelia was born and goes on through her life until it meets up with the first story.These 2 stories switch back and forth between chapters so you're learning about how she grew up in one chpter and in the next you're learning that she's dissapeared.
Features in the Book
In Amelia Lost they don't use a lot of graphs or charts but there are a lot of pictures. There also are some samples of things that Amelia and her husband wrote before Amelia was officially claimed missing. Such as a letter to Mrs.Roosevelt from Amelia.
Summary of "Chapters"
Section 1
Navigating History....viii
July 2,1937-The Morning Hours....1
Little Amelia, 1897 to 1908....6
July 2,1937-The Day Wears On....15
Family Secret,1908 to 1916....18
July 2,1937-Mabel's Story....25
Finding Herself,1916 to 1920....27
July 3,1937-An Unusual Offer....32
First Flight,1920 to 1927....33
July 3,1937-Voices in the Night....44
Fame,1927 to 1928....47
July 4,1937-Dana's Story....62
In the very first chapter they talk about what the people on the Itsaca were doing when they first realized Amelia Earhart was missing and the first signal Amelia supposedly sent for help.In the second chapter it starts with Amelia's birth and how she was raised with her grandmother in Atchison while her mother took care of her new sister (Muriel) at home. This chapter also talks about what she did with her friends-Lucy,Kathryn,and Virgina Park. The third chapter is short but it talks about when the Itsaca sent out the first signal for people to find Amelia. The very last chapter of Section 1 talks about how for 2 years Amelia's family was at it's peak. They were moving to bigger and better houses,Mr.Earharts salary was getting increased,and they even had their own train car. But that didn't last long because shortly after her father began drinking;Amelia's mother took Amelia and Muriel to go live in San Fransico while their father "recovered".
Summary of "Chapters"
Section 2
Why I Chose This Book
I didn't really have a reason for choosing this book. Mrs.Swetnam had it on display and it looked pretty good, so I checked it out. Though there is a bonus to reading this book because it's a Book Award Nominee so you can go to the voting party if you read it.
Favorite Part
My favorite part of the book was when they talked about a mom named Mabel and how she may have heard Amelia Earharts cry for help on her radio. Apparently she had just finished putting her sons in bed and she was lying on her couch listening to the radio. While she turned the dial she heard Amelia's voice and listened to her for 40 minutes. Mabel didn't tell anyone about what she heard though because she assumed the government was taking care of things.
Summary of "Chapters"
Section 3
Summary of "Chapters"
The first 2 chapters in this section talk about how people were still searching for Amelia and when Amelia was getting prepared to take her last flight (at the time she didn't know it was her last flight). The rest of the book talks about when America finally realized that Amelia Earhart wasn't going to be found. It says that Mrs.Roosevelt was grief stricken but told reporters, "I'm sure her last words were,I have no regrets".
Section 4
I thought that Amelia Lost was a pretty good book but if I could change it I would go into more detail about what happened after she dissapeared. One thing that makes it stand out from other nonfiction books is it's written like a novel.The author uses figurative language and suspense to make the book interesting. Overall it was a really good book.
Who would this book appeal to?
This book would appeal to readers that are older because there are a lot of big words and some of the writing samples are written in Old English. Boys and girls could read this book though and probably enjoy it.
This section is mostly about when Amelia started to take an interest in flying. It describes how she got her lessons from a lady named Neta Snook and also when she became the sixteenth woman in the world to get a Federation Aeronautique Internationale flying license. The last chapter in this section explains how the Itasca heard a man's voice through the radio but couldn't make out words through the static.
Most of this section is about how Amelia was chosen for her first around the world flight. Also in this section the author explains how Amelia and George Putnam became married after George asked 7 times. The last chapter of this section is about how Amelia gave speeches at Purdue University and how she used the money she earned from the speeches for the last flight she ever took.
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