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Layout of Magazines

No description

Nicola Naisbett

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of Layout of Magazines

The Layout of Covers & Contents Pages Mast Head Sky Line Main Image (Usually in Medium Close Up) Sell Lines Main Sell Line Barcode Front Covers Contents Page The house style from the front cover is carried over into the contents page, with the same fonts and colours being used.

Table of Contents - This has been split into categories to help the reader Main Title.... similar to the mast head on the front cover Main Image that promotes the content of the magazine. A-Z of band featured inthe magazine Information on subscription Page numers and additional information You will need to consider:ImageryCamera UseFontTextColourBody Language/StagingFramingLightingOverall design/LayoutLanguage useHow does the combination of these codes result in a clear sense of this magazine’s outlook?
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