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innovative material

No description

val labounty

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of innovative material

-future dependent
-my interest
-impact on today's world
Past & Present ideas
1. Rat- Brain cell. -Powered robot
2. Automation Robots
3. Artificial Mouse
4. USC Robotic Dolls
5. Robovox
6. T-Rot Bartender
7. Robot that runs on brain cells

Oussama Khatib-Instructor
Xiyang Yeh-Course Assistant
Samir Menon-Guest Lecturer
Gerald Brantner-Course Assistant
Chen Bai-Course Assistant
Brian Soe-Course Assistant
chemistry connections
1. Aggregation
2. Autocatalysis
3. Autonomy
4. Chemical evolution
5. Robotics
6. Self-organization
7. Self-replication
Rat- Brain cell. -Powered robot
Innovative Materials
-Autumn Francis
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