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Prophet Musa Leaves Egypt

No description

shirin aziz

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Prophet Musa Leaves Egypt

Prophet Musa Leaves Egypt
Unintentional Killing
One day Prophet Musa P.B.U.H saw two men fighting. One of them being an Israelite and the other being an Egyptian.Musa had sided with the Israelite and punched the Egyptian on the chest. Musa did not intend to kill the egyptian but he died from the blow.Once Musa realized his actions he immediately started begging for forgiveness from Allah and swore to never side with the criminals and evil people.

Musa in Danger
While Musa was going around he saw the Israelite fighting with another and realized the man was nothing but trouble. While having an argument with the Prophet the Israelite shouted about killing the man the day before. Egyptians heard this and reported it to the power (the people in charge). A man then approached Musa telling him to leave town for his own good.
Musa Leaves Egypt
He was in great danger knowing the punishment for killing an Egyptian was death. He then traveled east to Palestine, with nothing but dependance on Allah.
Musa in Madyan
After crossing the desert he went to Madyan and was resting by a tree. Two young women were taking care of their sheep and he asked to help. The women explained that their father was old and weak and their job was to take care of the flock (sheep). Musa took care of the sheep by watering them. After the sheep were taken care of, Musa rested under the shade of the tree. Musa prayed to Allah to send him help as he was without food, water and shelter.
Musa Meets a Pious Man
The young women had told their father about a stranger helping them. The father then asked his daughters to invite Musa to their home. One of the daughters went up to Musa telling him that her father invited him to their home. Her father wanted to thank him personally for helping. After arriving at the home, Musa observed the comfort of their home. The man consoled (comforted) him, telling him that he should not fear, because he has escaped from the wrong-doers.
The New Family
The father asked Musa to marry his daughter and remain working for him. Musa married his daughter, Saffoura, and stayed helping the pious man for ten years. This time was very important in Musa's journey as a prophet of Allah.

The religion of Musa was Islamic Monotheism, meaning belief in one God, Allah. The forefather of Musa was Prophet Yacoub who was the grandson of Prophet Ibraheem.
Back to Egypt
Musa told his wife that they were to head to Egypt the next day. His wife knew of the great dangers that they would face, but put her trust in Allah and obeyed her husband. No one knew what he was thinking as he made this decision, but Allah's destiny drove him to go.
By: Shirin and Aya
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