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22.8 Appomattox: Total War Brings an End

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daisjah sheperd

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of 22.8 Appomattox: Total War Brings an End

Who? 22.8 General grant , president Lincoln , General William T Sherman , General lee , and over 100,000 men that fought in the civil war. What ? Grant invaded Virginia with a force of more then 100,00 men, he followed Lee's army to cold harbor,where grant lost 7,000 of his men in 15 min. In November of 1864 president Lincoln was reelected . In December of 1864 Sherman captured savannah, Georgia . From there he turned north and destroyed all opposition in the Carolinas. As Lee returned to his headquarters, union troops began to shoot their guns and cheer wildly. As devastating as it, the civil war left many issues unsettled. Secession and slavery were gone, but conflicts over states rights and there status of african americans would continue long into the future. When ? The Civil War started in May of 1864 and ended
April 9, 1865 Where ? The Civil War started in Virginia , then later went to Tennessee after general Sherman left Tennessee for
Georgia the war later ended in Atlanta. Appomattox: Total War Brings an End Study Guide: General Tecumseh Sherman's march
through Georgia was an example of total war.

The terms of surrender General Grant offered
to General Lee were designed to end the war
without causing further suffering or hatred. By:
Carolyn Ngo, Daisjah Sheperd, Izzy Marin,
Carlos Perez That was the end of the civil war
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