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Jani Ahay

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of Euthanasia

Thank You!
Medical Bills
Compare a patient who has deceased in a hospital, to a person who has deceased on their own terms. What is one major difference between the two?
According to 'Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Frequently Asked Questions' they quote "Drugs for assisted suicide cost about $75 to $100, making them far less expensive than providing medical care." This example gives an idea on the price differences between both medical care and Physician assisted suicide. One saves more money for necessary needs for the family. Rather than wasting money for months, for bad treatment in the hospital with the End-of-life program.
Think about it...
While keeping in mind of the definition of Euthanasia, put your self in this scenario. Imagine yourself laying on your death bed. You have an incurable terminal illness and your suffering in agonizing pain. Your taking the "End-of-life" program in the hospital, which is often times brutal and horrible treatment. However, for you enough is enough. Everyday living in your bed is another day of torture for you. Not only do you feel the pain, but your family sees the torment in your eyes... So what's left?

Companies promote
The Hippocratic Oath
People tend to over think what the Hippocratic Oath means. People assume it is only to not cause any harm to a patient from living longer. This then takes us to the definition of harm, which is defined as "physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted". Someone who is suffering in intense pain just to stay alive rather than allowing them to die is inflicting more harm on them. In most cases this can be seen as physicians who did NOT assuage their suffering when they were asked. Thus, resulting in the act of violating their oath, and the act of unfair treatment.
The definition of Euthanasia is "the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries."

1.This method financially saves money for many people
2.It is less painful for the person who intakes it.
3.People have rights, therefore no one should be FORCED to stay alive.
4. Euthanasia can be both voluntary and non-voluntary. Thus, giving many options.
5. Passive Euthanasia and Physician assistant suicide is legal.
6."It is their oath!"

Along with companies who promote Euthanasia, for example Dr. Nitschke. Who has created the "Final Exit" book that describes methods of people who has committed suicide. These methods make the process much easier, and less painful. Therefore, kits and workshops were created to allow you to 'do it yourself'. Workshops that allows you to make your own peaceful 'Exit'. Thus, giving the time to make your decision. This method is highly common and is called "Self deliverance".
You have the right!
People have the right-to-die with dignity. We in America own many rights to freedom and rights to our own life. Therefore, we decide what we can do with our body and when we choose to die on our own. According to 'NCBI', "Many patients in a . . . I chronic illness, do not want to be a burden on their family members. Euthanasia can be considered as a way to upheld the ‘Right to life’ by honoring ‘Right to die’ with dignity." This is an important point because according to "Listverse". In 1964, 70% of the people voted yes, including two thirds of Republicans and many Democrats. For the question if people "supported doctors being allowed to end a patient’s life “by some painless means, if the patient and his or her family request it.”
Voluntary and Non-voluntary
Although Euthanasia is illegal in most countries or seem to be 'painful' when thinking about it. There are different ways this can be achieved for someone. Voluntary euthanasia is the person wanting to die and expresses it. For voluntary euthanasia's people can refuse medication after being in a accident, asking to stop life support machines, refusing to eat and asking to die. Non-voluntary euthanasia is the person can not physically express their need to die. For example people who too old to express movement or words, people in a chronic coma, mental retardation at a very high extent, serve brain damage, etc.
It is legal!
There is a certain extent to what is consider legal and illegal. Therefore, passive euthanasia and (PAS) Physician assistant suicide are consider legal in some states. PAS is the voluntary termination of one's own life by administration of a lethal substance with the indirect assistance (pills) from a physician. This is legal for the terminally ill and mentally competent in Oregon, Montana, Washington, Vermont, California, Colorado, and Washington D.C.
It is up to us to change the way of how society looks at the perspective of death. We shouldn't see it as a something bad and terrifying. Rather alleviation to people who are tired of suffering. We only make the suffering worse if we allow them to continue the pain and refuse their rights for happiness. We can not be selfish towards people who want contentment. We should be open to new ideas for a new generation.
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