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Argumentative/Persuasive Writing

Meridian High School Humanities

Nicole Yeager

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Argumentative/Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing You already know it Counterargument Your Argument Need Ideas? Counterargument Example: Resources Anyone who has won an argument, already knows
how to argue well. You simply have to back up your case and use evidence that the other person (counterargument) can't deny. Things to Include 1. Your argument. This should be placed at the end of your introduction. This is also called a thesis statement. What is it you're standing for?
2. Supporting Evidence. Support your argument using credible evidence, and be sure to cite your sources.
3. Counterargument. You have to at least acknowledge there is a counterargument. Present it knowledgeably, but point out the weaknesses. * Watch a movie trailer or an
infomercial. How do they try tomake
you want to go see it or try the product?
* Presidential Ad: How are they showing
the other candidate? What evidence are
they using?
*You can adopt similar ideas and
techniques to your own argument. You have to acknowledge there is one. All you
have to do is show how your argument is
stronger and overall better. Give true
information about the counterargument, but
point out the weaknesses, showing how what
you're standing for can offer solutions the
counterargument can't. Your argument: Thor is a better Avenger than the
Acknowledge Counterargument: The Hulk is strong
and a good fighter, but....
Point out weaknesses:
1. He loses control and can potentially hurt
innocent people.
2. He isn't actually as strong as Thor. Only Thor
can lift his hammer.
3. Thor is a god with access to powers the
Hulk doesn't have.
Conclusion: Due to all the factors above,
Thor is the safer and overall, better
Avenger! For a better idea of how it should look:

http://www.oaklandwrites.org/documents/exemplars/7thPersuasive.pdf Argument:
Water has three forms Solid: Ice Liquid: tap water gas: steam Evidence Thor image retrieved from moniqueblog.net
Hulk image retrieved from guardian.co.uk
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