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Neggina Emamyar ELA PROJECT

No description

Neggina Emamyar

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Neggina Emamyar ELA PROJECT

In the 1600’s , the men were seen more controlling in relationships and they were seen superior to woman. A married woman was generally considered to be subordinate to her husband, and would be expected to obey him. Women were seen as objects.In the Shakespearean time, woman had very little choice in who her husband was. Marriages were frequently arranged so that both families involved would benefit.Marriages would normally be arranged to bring prestige or wealth to the whole family.Many couples would meet for the very first time on their wedding day. Women were dependent on their male relatives to support them. Back then there was something called" The Elizabethan Marriage" and it was when woman thought and were raised to believe that they were inferior to men and that men knew better. Relationships weren't that strong back then, because it's almost like the men would just use their wives like slaves and make them do all the work.But at the same time, a man looked for a woman that could make a good wife and mother and bring honor to his name.
Katherine and Petruchio's Relationship(1600's) vs Kat and Patrick's Relationship(1999)

Patrick makes Kat feel like his princess and she has a fair amount of freedom. But with Petruchio, Katherine is kind of like a bird stuck in a cage, for example when Petruchio locks Katherine in a room and he talks to Katherine’s dad for her.Petruchio wants Katherines dowry and tries to tame her by abuse but Patrick tries to tame her through conventional means such as liking the same music and being kind and thoughtful. This shows that in the 1600's that most men but not all men, were abusive towards their wives. Also, in terms of the wooing scenes it can be said that Petruchio is much more in control than Patrick from the beginning.Patrick takes a little more time to get truly 'manipulative' with Kate. So once again as we can see back then the men were more controlling .Most importantly though Patrick seems to be a more kind and considerate person than Petruchio in the way he sympathiese's with Kate such as their intimate talks on the swings and in the car and talking about the music Kate likes even though Patrick hates it himself. now days the boy prefers to know the girl very well before taking it serious and marrying the girl. But back then they didn't really care as long as they had a wife that would obey them In Petruchios case he doesn't really care about Kat's personality or even her looks but he pretty much only wants her money. Traditional means of dating was very technical back then. Before a young man could date a young lady, he would have to go through “the procedures.” The conversations between couples didn't rely on Internet capabilities.Their relationships were from face-to-face interactions, which was usually a visit at home. But now days all the woman have technology and it's easier to have a conversation through texting rather than seeing them at home which you would have no privacy.In taming of the shrew Petruchio is often seen at katherines house were everyone else was so they had no privacy what so ever. In this case Katherine and Petruchio had no personal space. But then Kat on the other hand sure does have privacy and she can talk to Patrick and reach him at school were they can be either all alone and no one else around or they can choose to be surrounded by people.This way they can get along a lot easier and they can interact with no one else. So this pretty much means that now days girls have so much more freedom with their relationships they should be really lucky.Nowadays dating is more online than face- to- face for example now people are using dating sites such as e-harmony and their texting each other and making phone calls for communication. But than in the 1600's none of this existed the only option they had was to be across from each other and communicate.

Petruchio's Role In The Relationship
Petruchio's role In the relationship is very contrasting from the guy' s roles in relationships these days .I say this because he doesn't enforce equal rights, he thinks that just because he's the man he has all the power in his hands.
He doesn't show much affection in his relationship.His role was very easy because back then women were more compassionate and loving towards their husbands so pretty much he was expecting Katherine's best behavior but nowadays the men are more expressive with their emotions so in this case their more equal with the way their showing their love so their not expecting their partner to show more love.. Back then men and women were more submissive and they married for different reasons such as making a family or security like for Petruchio's reason it's to be secure financially. but now men and women are both equally active in a relationship and marry for reasons such as love and companionship.

Video's :)
This is the scene were Petruchio is chasing Katherine and he tries to woo her this shows that Petruchio was more controlling then Patrick from the beggining.
This picture represents the kind of men, we will have these days. We can see it represents, some relationships well have these days the guy is on his phone and is ignoring his girlfriend and just texting, so to him, his phone and his texting is more important than her.
Relationships nowadays
Now men are less demanding and they have an equal role to woman. Today many young people are putting off marriage in favor of focusing on their careers. Nowadays mostly everything is done with technology for example, now theirs websites were you could literally meet singles online and "boom" you're in a relationship with someone. It's very simple and most people will use it these days. But that's not the only way people meet and get into a relationship they can also meet at school or at a shopping center etc. Now days compared to the 1600's some people aren't exactly serious about their relationships.They get more chances to know the person they are going to marry before they marry them, which is good because you're not marrying a stranger or someone that your dad has chosen for you. You're actually going to marry someone you know and someone your truly in love with. When I say in love with, I don't mean money, I mean their personality and the way they are.
Patrick's Role In The Relationship

This video shows how Patrick and Katherines relationship is much cuter and he actually puts time and effort for their relationship.
For these days or to be specific in the 1999's the guy's were more equal to the girl's role in a relationship. The role of a man was less harsh they didn't judge their wives. For example, Petruchio was judging Katherine and was making it a big deal that she was shrewish Whereas nowadays someone like Patrick who isn't very surprised about Kat's Shrewish personality. So nowadays men are less judgemental about things.
My Quotations
"Thus in plain terms:your father had consented that you shall be my wife, your dowry 'greed on,and will you, nill you, i will marry you."
"Oh, that’s nothing, believe me, sir. I’m as commanding as she is proud, and when two raging fires meet, they end up consuming the very thing that kindled them. Blow on a fire and all you do is fan the flames. But a great gust of wind will blow the fire out completely. I’m that great gust to her fire. I’m rough, and I don’t woo like a little boy."
This part in the play shows how Petruchio is looking forward to his money not his relationship with katherine
This part in the play is when Baptista is having a conversation with petruchio about how he should be warned and scared about Katherine but then just cause petruchio is the man ( h'es powerful) so he's like oh no don't worry i got this all he's pretty much saying he can be 10 times worst then her (katherine) just cause he's the man so pretty much he's like i'm the man i'll make it work either way
we can see they truly love eachother here
love eachother
she's giving him a dirty look and he looks like he's controlling her alot
she looks like she wants to get away from petruchio and be no where near him
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