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Los Angeles HEAR Benchmark

No description

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Los Angeles HEAR Benchmark

Farewell Houston!
Welcome to Los Angeles!
Day 1: LA HEAR Benchmark
HEAR Process Learning Outcomes
1. Buy-in
2. Consistent Communication
Pictured from left to right: Claudia Coronel, Personnel Director I Elba Pallais, Tonja Bellard Evans, Yuri Zaich, Senior Personnel Analyst II Tammy Watson, Senior Personnel Analyst I Janeshia Robinson, and Senior Personnel Analyst II Charlette Rodgers Starkey
Los Angeles City Hall
3. Learning to Facilitate the Process
A night out with the client at LA Live
Sights and Sounds of Los Angeles
Marie Stephens, Noel Pinnock and Mahogany Johnson
Noel Pinnock, CELO of the LDC and Phyllis Lynes, Assistant General Manager, Personnel Department
Noel Pinnock addressing the personnel department
Are we there yet?
Pictured left to right: Senior Personnel Analyst II Tonja Bellard Evans, Senior Personnel Analyst II Rafael Porter, Senior Personnel Analyst II Mark Crisan
Personnel Director III Harold Fujita of LA's Recreation and Parks Department
Front row: Senior Personnel Analyst I Yuri Zaich. Back row (l-r): Senior Personnel Analyst II Hosie Thomas, Senior Personnel Analyst I Sean Cumbie, and Personnel Analyst II Tony Castro
Bob Stone, Carrie Lopez of the Mayor's Office and Phyllis Lynes, Assistant General Manager of the Personnel Department
Pictured left to right: representative from Labor, Noel Pinnock and a representative from the Mayor's Office discussing the HEAR process
Management Analyst II Shelia Brooks Le Fridge of the Controller's Office and Personnel Analyst II Patricia Jimenez of the City Clerk's Office
Noel Pinnock addressing the personnel department
Pictured from left to right: Personnel Analyst II Claudia Coronel, Senior Personnel Analyst I Lindi Willhite of Los Angeles Fire & Police Pensions, and Senior Personnel Analyst I Melody Campbell
Pictured from left to right: Personnel Analyst II Susan Bautista, Management Analyst II Sally Anderson of the Housing & Community Investment Department, and Personnel Analyst II Daisy Tam
Pictured left to right: Phyllis Lynes, Mahogany Johnson, Noel Pinnock, Andre Rocha, Marie Stephens and Raylene.
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