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1990's Entertainment

No description

rachel fares

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of 1990's Entertainment

1990's Entertainment
Entertainment is a form of activity designed to withhold the attention and delight of an audience through their interests. Different individuals have their own preference of entertainment which can vary between numerous forms such as cinematic films, television, computer games, board games, literature and a lot more.
Popular forms of entertainment:
Video gaming was one of the most popular forms of entertainment and part of modern culture on a global scale during the 1990s particularly in Australia. All through this decade, the popularity of video gaming grew had vast development they were improved from sprite-based graphics to the complete 3D graphics that we use today and enhancement of consoles. There were many new video games that rose to high recognition during the 90s, some popular ones are The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Pokémon Gold and Silver, Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog. Other forms of entertainment were toys, for example, Tamagotchi, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Beanie Babies and Furbies.
Shortly after the golden age of arcade video gaming in the 1980s, increase of popularity in home gaming was carried through to the 90s from the late 80s due to the immense gaming developments of video game consoles starting from the fourth generation console that was released by SEGA (1989-1999), fifth (1993-2006) and especially sixth (late 90s 1998-present) generation of video game consoles that we use at present.
Additionally, there was also the establishment of the first hand held game console such as the game boy that was released by Nintendo that carried on from the late 80s (1989) until successively gaining high popularity throughout the 90s.
Video Gaming
During the 90s, Australia’s use of cinema increased from the previous decade and was a major form of entertainment for the Australian community. The enhancement of technology like the video cassette recorder (VCR), helped us as they were cheaper and easier because we were be able to watch movies and TV shows at home.
Even though Australians created some popular home-grown movies like Babe and strictly ballroom, the films were added up to only 15% being watched in cinemas and were mostly overthrown by the big Hollywood movies as they dominated the Australian box office. These include the movies Pretty Woman (1990), Jurassic Park (1993), Forrest Gump (1994), Toy Story (1995), Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999) and the highest grossing movie of the decade, Titanic (1997).
As a country colonized by Britain, Australia adapted to typical British films. The highest rating film was the Full Monty in 1997.
Other than movies, watching television continued to be Australia's most popular form of entertainment all through the 1990s. Towards the close of the decade, a large majority of households in Australia had a television set. Statistically, it was estimated that the average Australian watched three hours and twelve minutes of television each day in 1994. While American television programmers were popular with local audiences, Australian programmers also charged well.
Many american TV shows were popular in Australia reaching the highest-rated screening programmed on television such as The Simpsons, The ER, Home improvement, Seinfeld and Friends. Other TV shows of the decade include Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved by the bell, full house, Boy meets world, Beavus and butthead.
All through the 90s, the manner of Australian comedy, drama and lifestyle shows were deeply influenced by the style of American. Several Australian programmes reshaped popular shows from overseas where they mixed American and local features for our programmes to have an international atmosphere. Comedies were produced in Australia like Hey Dad and Acropolis Now united Australian context with the American sitcom layout. There is also Australia formed the show, “Australia’s funniest home videos”, with similar content of America’s funniest home videos.
Computer entertainment
Throughout the 1990s, the amount of Australian households that owned computers increased and got access to the internet. By the late 90s, it was expected that one in eight homes had internet access. Consequently, use of computers had become a major source of home entertainment by finish of the decade. Australians used computers to surf the internet, browse and purchase goods and chat with friends. They were also used to play music, watch movies and download music.
Computer games were also a popular in the 1990s as the pc market was really during the years. Computer games combine three-dimensional graphics, sound effects and music, and need the user to interact with the computer for the purpose of entertainment. Some popular games included mortal combat, street fighter II, Warcraft and more.
Harry potter and the Sorcerers’s stone is the first novel of the Harry Potter series that was published in the UK in 1997 and became an instant hit.
British Influence
The entertainment in Australian culture is mostly as a result of the first settlement of the British society since 1788. During this period of Australia’s history of the 1990s, our way of entertainment was heavily influenced by Britain who brought over their ways of entertainment when they came to colonise Australia.
American Influence
After World War II, our dependency of Britain slowly shifted to America as well after the we joined forces which consequences in a stronger bond. Even though Britain had influence over our entertainment culture, the US alliance resulted in the Australian culture also being influenced by many aspects of entertainment of American society.
Although by the end of the decade, America remained to be the most dominant influence of our entertainment rather than Britain.

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The first Gameboy by Nintendo
Type 4 shows of the 1990's
4: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
3: Home Improvement
2: Friends
1: Seinfeld
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